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Release Notes - Oct. 2022
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 06 Oct 2022 11:02 AM

This release brings new MyPMS enhancements to the user login as well as to Group Bookings. With Group bookings, you are now able to check-in all reservations within a group by clicking a single button. BookingCenter is also a certified on the Google Hotels interface which allow real-time bookings from a Google search for your property. We have also updated the Expedia (and interface to better accommodate OTA tax remittance. A detailed summary is included below.

Enhancements – MyPMS and Group Bookings

Group Booking

  • The Group Booking module now offers the option to “Mass check-in” or check-in all bookings associated with a Group. This allows a more efficient flow to check-in all guests for a large group checking into the property.  Note, this button only appears when the Group Booking arrival date is the same as 'today's' System Date.  And this process will bypass (ie, these events will not happen, as these are controlled on a booking-by-booking basis that this button bypasses) all programmed events that take place during manual Check-in, such as: authorize at checkin; setting a Guest Service device to on/off; triggering a Door Lock code or key to be created; issuing a WebHook or API command.
  • Added a ‘Rate of the Day’ to each room type when creating a new Group to expedite the group booking creation process.


  • Within MyPMS, we have implemented a new user landing page default setting. At the User level, you can now choose what page MyPMS will automatically load/go to first when you login. The options include those below and you can learn more here:
    • Front Desk
    • Tape Chart
    • Housekeeping
    • Booking By Availability
    • House Accounts
  • On the Default Rates Page, you are now able to segment rate plans into either Active or Inactive status
  • On the ‘Search Bookings’ page, you can now exclude status ‘Cancelled’ on the search booking results
  • On the Tape Chart, we now display the first 15 characters of the Out-of-Order (OOO) message
  • Added new colors to the various buttons within MyPMS. This allows for a clearer breakdown of each button.


  • We have removed the challenge question and answers on the User detail page and from the ‘Forgot Password’

Self Check-In Enhancements

  • We added a self check-in icon to the Tape Chart when a booking is self-checked in

Self Check-out

  • Self check-out letters added to MyPMS, allowing you to select SMS and emails and define which time(s) each will be set.
  • We added a self check-out icon to the Tape Chart so its visually clear to your staff when a booking has 'self-checked out's opposed to having it manually occur.

Owners Area

  • If the Owner has an active Lock system, they can view the Door Entry Instructions for the booking, which is handy for sending to their guests.  Learn more here.

Google Hotels

BookingCenter is now a certified partner with Google Hotels. There have been some properties that are live on the pilot program, and we are now rolling this valuable OTA channel to all interested properties.  This works just like a connection with Airbnb, Expedia, or BookingCenter synchronizes your rates, restrictions, and availability in real time with Google Hotels and anytime a reservation is made, it will seamlessly import back into your BookingCenter software. The program is like TripAdvisor's "Instant Booking", where booking uses your Booking Engine and becomes a 'direct booking' to you, so you can cancel, modify, enforce (or not) your deposit and cancellation policies without any concern for Google.  Contact Sales to get started with the Google Hotels program for unlimited bookings without any advertising purchase required by Google.  Note, your property must be a registered Google Hotel, which is free, to enable this feature.

Distribution Tax Remittance (Primarily Expedia Collect)

BookingCenter supports Expedia Collect in certain jurisdictions where Expedia is responsible for tax remittance. Properties can work directly with BookingCenter to confirm which taxes Expedia will remit and what taxes the property are responsible to remit. BookingCenter supports all combinations of tax remittance for Expedia Collect reservations.  

Whistle Interface 

Whistle is an interactive messaging platform that uses SMS and 'push notifications' to engage customers.  It can be used as an alternative to the SMS features built-into BookingCenter, or to supplement them for the unique approaches Whistle uses.  A customer would sign up for Whistle, and then the PMS would keep the Whistle up-to-date with any new, cancelled, or modified bookings and/or Guest information. 

System Enhancements

BookingCenter continues to update our back-end infrastructure.

Bug Fixes

  • When Deleting a Letter, the system now Checks if the Letter is Set as a Default Letter
    • We will prevent the deletion if this is the case
  • Updated Maidsheets to Display S/O Room when running in HTML
  • Updated merge field projected taxes
  • Updated tax exempt setting for Group Bookings and the 3rd+ taxes
  • Multi Room Booking with Different Guest Counts fixed on Booking Engine
  • Fixed the N/A display showing on the Tape Chart for dates less than 18 months in the future
  • Updated Occupancy Forecast Report Revenue to ignore Room Assignment
  • Add the 'Cancel' Logging for Expedia and GDS bookings to match what is done for the channel

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Release Notes January 2022
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 16 Sep 2022 04:23 PM

This release brings new Security Enhancements to prevent fraud and ‘phishing’ attempts, 2 new types of rates: We added ‘Add On’ and ‘UpSell’ processes to both Self Check-in and Check-out;  Long Term Rates (for properties who provide Long Term rates for every x days) and ‘Included Item’ in a rate for easing package construction and participating in cleaning fee programs with both Airbnb and VRBO;  some major enhancements to our Booking Engines; improved Cancellation management and reporting; new Hardware; and several bug fixes.


Major Enhancements

Rate Type Additions

  1. Long Term rates: Available in MyPMS only (they cannot be booked via OTA/GDS/Booking Engines) allows charging for intervals based on days or calendar months.  Days make an entry from the Cost field for each '#of days' the booking lasts; Months make an entry from the Cost field for each 'calendar' date the booking lasts. More details, and examples, here.
  2. Items Include in a rate: A rate that can be sold that includes an Inventory Item with the rate. You must first create the Item to be sold with the rate, and make are the taxes applied to that Item are accurate. Then add that Item to the Rate, and choose whether to Add the Item Cost to the rate or not, and if the Item should recur each x days.. More details, and examples, here.



Hacking and ‘phishing’ continue to plague the digital world, so BookingCenter has tightened security in our services areas and provided tools how you can protect your Users and property.  Included for each User, you can now set the  Country: This allows a manager to set a restriction for a user to only login via the Country where the User should be logging in; Country Login Allow: This allows a manager to enforce that the Country set above is where the User is actually logging in. Choices are only 'the Country' or 'all Countries'.  BookingCenter enforces this via a subscription to an IP service that attempts to take the IP address from the request and verify it is likely in the country where the User has been set.  While not perfect, this helps avoid 'phishing' and fraudulent logins, Allow VPN: For Users who use VPNs to access services from differing locales (thus IP address verification is intentionally being circumvented) this setting can allow an exception for this specific user.  Learn more about tightening security for your Users here.



Booking Engine

  • We have added the ability to track better the Google Analytics in general (add 6 new variables tracked over booking), but specifically enhanced the TripAdvisor tracking ability.
  • If you are allow ‘same day booking’ (ie, a guest can book ‘today’ for an arrival ‘today’) you can now the set the Booking Lead Time to stop booking at ‘x hours’ before arrival. For example, if your default arrival time is 3 pm and you choose Booking Lead Time is 2 hrs, then no more online bookings to your Booking Engine will occur after 1 pm.  Some OTAs have participate similar features.
  • Added the ability to use the ‘Promo’ flag to set a specific Room or Rate as a ‘promotion’ to draw attention to it.
  • To enhance ADA compliance, we added Inventory Images to have description fields that can be read by a machine, so that Packages and rates with their Included Items can be easily read by Guests with visual disabilities.



Self Check-in Enhancements

  • Enable Guest(s) to cancel based on settings you control  in the Self Check-in area; as well as provide greater control of cancellations in general to run reports on whether Bookings were cancelled by Guests (eg during Self Checkin, at Airbnb, Expedia, etc) or the property directly.  Learn more about cancellations here.
  • Added the ability to upload Documents (such as COVID vaccinations or test results) and Images (such as Guests taking pics of themselves or images for maintenance tasks) as part of the eSign process.
  • When a Guest signs an eSign we now can track - and log on each booking - from which area of the system it was signed, to differentiate between Self Check-in vs via Auto Letters or a Kiosk.
  • We have added the ability for users of ‘keyless’ Self Check-in to display the ‘Lock Code’ and the ‘Room Entry Message’ on the ‘checked in page’ of the Self Checkin system.
  • If your property uses ‘auto Pre-Authorization’ for arriving guests (up to 4 days in the future) and there is a failure to obtain an auth for the arriving booking, a MyGuest ticket will be created so a manager can focus on this booking and update the payment or cancel the booking, thus freeing up the room.


Self Check-out is now available to all customers who are using Self Check-in.  More details here.


‘UpSell’ add-on Items during both the Self Check-in and Self Check-out process, with documentation and pictures of how this works here.



Dashboard and KPI Additions

We added a new element to the general Dashboard to count how many Vacant Rooms exist and link directly to the daily Vacant Room report for details.

We added a new Front Desk Widget called “Booking production 




  • Added the ability for the Owners Statement to show specific taxes collected per Owner booking for ease of tax reporting
  • We added the ability to make Tax Exempt on multiple taxes when making a booking.
  • We now support 'Date Based' Taxes within MyPMS and our Channel Manager to define what tax(s) are 'Date Based' to be in effect for a specified time and thus quoted when they apply. Tax jurisdictions are beginning to alter when they charge some taxes - and not others - and this can now be automated.




  • There has been confusion when a request was made with an email that existed, but did not match the name - did we update their Guest record?  Either decision has pros and cons, but we simplified it so that if a Guest makes a request using an email address, we use that Guest record to link to that request even if the name is a bit different. We use the new ‘name’ to display on the Request Ticket, so that the Guest sees all matching.  This creates less duplicate records, though is not perfect we’re all aware.
  • We now allow managers to define which data collection fields (name, room number, email, etc) are required for their ‘request templates’.



System Enhancements

BookingCenter has put in place new hardware to both speed up and secure our infrastructure, as well as provide fast backup and transition services in the event of a major disaster.



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where user of the Booking Engine Template 1-4 were not correctly tracking from TripAdvisor listings
  • The Active Search field (sometimes called ‘Live Search’, residing above the arrivals/in house/departures area) was giving inconsistent results, it now searches all 3 areas accurately.
  • Fixed a situation where the Digitial Signing document using the “Tax Merge Fields” was always showing $0.  It now will tally all projected taxes accurately.
  • Choosing an Existing Guest from the New Booking window was creating a NEW Guest Record (versus using the existing Guest Details) if the Guest had some errors associated. We put greater control and now regardless of how much Guest data you wish on the New Booking window proper linking occurs.


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MyPMS Release May 5, 2021
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 10 May 2021 08:46 PM

The MyPMS Release May 5, 2021 included the following Enhancements


Tax Enhancements

Date-Based Taxes

We now support Date-Based Taxes within MyPMS and the Channel Manager products.  This means that taxes can be setup to have different tax rates between specific dates, allowing for future tax changes to calculate accurate tax pricing.  Learn more here.

Tax Exempt Enhancements

BookingCenter added the ability enable Tax Exempt on Multiple Tax Rates at a time, so that 'exemptions' can be set to occur only to Room Rent and/or to all Items posted to all Folios in a booking.  Learn more here.


The VRBO network is a major new OTA to our distribution offerings. Focused on vacation rentals, this OTA channel has been growing in popularity base and can now be included in your BookingCenter distribution.  From account creation, to image management, to managing seamless and real-time bookings, this interface leverages all the opportunities VRBO makes available to any channel manager.  Sign up today and allocate whichever Room/Rate combos you want to this important and growing channel.


Because OTA channels such as Airbnb and VRBO require large images, BookingCenter now supports large-sized images that we automatically re-size for your needs based on where they are needed, saving our customers a lot of time and making image management even easier.  Learn more about Adding and Editing images here.

Self Check-in System

In preparation for our launch of Self Check-out, we have added new functionality for mobile Check-Out events and reporting on Check-in events.  Available now are:

The ability to visually see which booking was checked in/out via the Tape Chart

When using "Print All Registration Cards", those that were signed online (via the eSigns feature) and this are already "on file" will not be printed out.  This should save a lot of paper for users who use eSign and also traditional printed Registration cards.

EMV Enhancements

BookingCenter added Internal MyCard EMV updates to make resolution of 'Bad Batch' events easier to track and manage.  

Miscellaneous and Bug Fixes

We changed the Comments "history" link to an Icon to make it more appealing.

Fixed bug with single item images on 4 of our Booking Engine templates (01-04).

Fixed bug when properties were not using guest IDs on their New Booking Window.

Fixed an issue when Room Assignments were being made from the Search Bookings results.

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MyPMS Release February 15, 2021
Posted by Dave Martin on 16 Feb 2021 07:05 AM

This release brings new Kiosk Self Check-in EMV Payment Integration, major enhancements to the Tape Chart,  Booking Engine Templates, Tax Exempt Setting, and several bug fixes


Self Check-in Kiosk EMV Payment Integration

  • The Kiosk Self Check-in process can now automate EMV payments on the kiosk when the guest checks-in. Guest will be asked to swipe/tip/tap their card during the check-in process for payment and/or authorizations. Learn more about Kiosk Self Check-in.  Contact us with questions or to get started.

NEW Tape Chart Enhancements

  • Booking Payment Status: We have added an exciting new feature to the Tape Chart giving you the ability to see, at a glance, whether a guest has made a partial, full payment or no payment at all. Each booking will display a small color icon indicating the payment status of the booking. The color automatically changes when payments are made on the folio. Learn more
  • New Payment Icons on Tape Chart Legend: You will see new icons for the Booking Payment Status feature on the Tape Chart Legend, helping you easily identify the payment status. Learn more

NEW Tax Exempt Settings

  • New Tax Exempt Flag: These flexible new features give you the ability to enable "Tax Exempt" on Multiple Tax Rates by selecting "Yes/No" on the specific Tax Rate.

Booking Engine Enhancements

  • New Modify Dates Link: Added the "Modify Dates" link next to Rate Plan when Restriction Message is displayed. See Booking Engine | Select Rooms and Rates
  • Inventory Item/Add-ons "View Details": We have added a "View Details" Pop-out window with an extended description and Image. See Inventory Item Images
  • Inventory Item/Add-ons " Image Slideshow: The "View Details" Pop-out window now displays an image slideshow. See Inventory Item Images
  • Package Rate Image Slideshow - The Package Rate "View Details" Pop-out now displays an image slideshow. See Packages Images
  • Group Booking Engine: The Group Booking Engine now offers the ability to  "Add Phone Number (Required)" and "Address (Not Required)" when a guest makes a booking as part of the group. See Group Booking Engine

MyGuest Guest Request System Enhancements

  • Request Detail Update: Now when saving a unique name with a previously used email, the individual request will use the new name while retaining the email address. For example, requests submitted with a general front desk email with multiple users. See MyGuest | Requests
  • Edit Guest Information: Added the ability to edit and update Guest records from the "Search Guests" list. MyGuest | SEARCH Guests


  • Added Multi Rate Drop down option on Booking by Inquiry Page: New "Rate Group" display for easy multi rate selection in the Rate Plan drop down when making a new booking. See Booking By Inquiry
  • Show Yielded rates on Tape chart Rate pop up: You can now view Yielded Rate Plans available for a Room Type right on the Tape Chart "Rates" option. Just click on the date and when the New Booking pop-out displays, click the new "Rates" button to see a list of Rates. See Tape Chart - New Booking

  • Added MyCard authorization amounts to Folio payment drop-down: When connected to MyCard with either a traditional MyCard or EMV MyCARD we now show the authorized amount remaining and if it was authorized on Traditional (T) or the Pax EMV device with a (P)
  • Pre-Auth 1st Night Rate auto or manually: This new feature allows you to control the number of days in advance of check-in that you want to authorize the credit card on file
  • Assign Room from "Search Bookings": You can now assign a room to a booking directly on the search booking results screen. See Search Bookings
  • New Letter Features
    • "Show in MyPMS": You now have the ability to select which letters appear in the drop down list in the Letters Tab of each booking.  See Letters Setup
    • New Headings and longer Subject Line for all email letters. See Add or Edit Letters
    • CRS Confirmation added to merge fields.
  • Housekeeping App: New Housekeeping Requests will now automatically send an email to the property. Mobile Housekeeping App User Guide
  • Guestcentric: For properties using Guestcentric, we have added the Room Description Name to the Booking Notes for Promo Rates.

We are pleased to announce that the following software bugs were fixed in this release:

  • Fixed issue with Multi-Room Bookings made on the Booking Engine importing with Source "Unknown"
  • Fixed issue with bookings made with WEB as source importing as unknown for properties using quick reservation.
  • Fixed issue with Package Images not displaying on Booking Engine Templates
  • Fixed issue with any Package Rate Selected on "Select Room" page skipping over "Add On" Page
  • Fixed issue with "Room" in the Room Fields not obeying the Labels in setup
  • Resolved issue with trash icon not displaying for "RENT" tax lines for properties using "Authnet"
  • Re-labelled Bookings made today widget
  • Fixed issue preventing a the removal of a 3rd "tax on tax" from folio
  • Fixed text wrap on notes, and guests on PDF Housekeeping Report.
  • Fixed non reoccurring tax calculating as reoccurring in the projected income
  • Fixed issue with Folio Printout ignoring the 'additional taxes' in Tax Subtotal
  • Fixed issue the header (projected income + charges) not updating accurately when Adding Item Charges.
  • Fixed two Merge fields not working in Letters
  • Fixed issue with AR Report in PDF using property ph# under company instead of company ph#
  • Fixed issue with Tax Exempt pull down not using the correct labels.
  • Changed the link for Booking Comments "history" to an Icon
  • Fixed issue with Housekeeping General Overview intermittently not generating properly.
  • Fixed issue with OTA Booking Reconciliation Report  with Excel

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Year In Review 2020
Posted by Erica Johnson on 04 Feb 2021 12:14 PM

If you haven't had a chance to try the new features and enhancements added in 2020, we have put together a list of highlights with links to step-by-step instructions below.

Let us know if you have any questions, we would be happy to help.


New Products and Services

Kiosk Self Check-in

Kiosk Self Check-in

For properties wanting to supplement - or replace - the Check-in process with a Self-Service option. Our Kiosk Self Check-in Service is multi-lingual and designed for guests  look-up and authenticate existing booking(s), ‘dip/tap’ credit cards for authorizations or full payment, book availableroom(s), and deliver unique room entry instructions. Complete integration with MyPMS gives you control over each kiosk with customized templates, specific Room and Rate allocations, payment options, policies and messaging. LEARN MORE
Mobile Housekeeping App

Mobile Housekeeping App

For properties wanting to supplement - or replace - the Check-in process with a Self-Service option. Our Kiosk Self Check-in Service is multi-lingual and designed for guests  look-up and authenticate existing booking(s), ‘dip/tap’ credit cards for authorizations or full payment, book availableroom(s), and deliver unique room entry instructions. Complete integration with MyPMS gives you control over each kiosk with customized templates, specific Room and Rate allocations, payment options, policies and messaging. LEARN MORE
MyCard EMV

Contactless Payments & MyCard EMV - Swipe/Dip/Tap

The Self Check-in process can now automate payments according to policies you establish, letting you offer a mix of payment options from authorization or full payment to swipe/dip/tap at an EMV Terminal. LEARN MORE

Keyless Door Lock

Keyless Door Locks

For properties wanting to supplement - or replace - the Check-in process with a Self-Service option. Our Kiosk Self Check-in Service is multi-lingual and designed for guests  look-up and authenticate existing booking(s), ‘dip/tap’ credit cards for authorizations or full payment, book availableroom(s), and deliver unique room entry instructions. Complete integration with MyPMS gives you control over each kiosk with customized templates, specific Room and Rate allocations, payment options, policies and messaging. LEARN MORE

NEW Self Check-in Features

  • "Suppressed Rates" Agent:  This Agent will be used to manage the Payment Policy and Gateway used in bookings via an Agent set as 'suppressed rates'. For example, if you participate in Expedia Collect (Expedia collects money from the Guest and provides a virtual 'Expedia Credit Card' to cover Room +Taxes). Suppressed Rates Agents include the following features at Self Check-in:
    • MyBooking Hidden Rates: Rates will be hidden in MyBooking at Check-in
    • NEW Suppressed Rates Esign Default Letter: We have added a new Esign Letter specially used for Suppressed Rate Agents at Self Check-in. See Default Letters
    • Require Incidental Credit Cards for Suppressed Rate Self Check ins: This new feature allows you to force guests to enter a credit card for incidentals at Self Check-in See General Settings
  • Self Check-in Communication Timing: The "Communication" setting is used to control the START TIME of the Email and/ SMS sent to the guest. See General Settings

NEW Booking Engine Features

  • Room Types Availability Calendar on Templates 01 and 03 : If you currently use our "Availability Calendar" Booking Engine (Template 03 or 04) on your Website, you can easily enable the new Room Type Availability Search with 'sold out' dates. Go to SETUP | SETTINGS | BOOKING ENGINE SETTINGS and set "Show Room Type Calendars" to Yes.
  • Inventory Item/Add-ons "View Details" and Image Slideshow: We have added a "View Details" Pop-out window with an extended description and image slideshow to the Add-on Items on the Booking Engine. See Inventory Item Images
  • Package Rate Image Slideshow -  New Image Slideshow: The Package Rate "View Details" Pop-out now displays an image slideshow. See Packages Images
  • Ask "# Guests" on "Check Availability": You can now enable or disable the "# Guests" field when a guest checks availability. To change this setting, see Booking Engine Settings

  • Max Guest Icon: The "Select Room" page now displays the Maximum # of Guests for each Room Type. Add Room Type

  • “Restrictions” Message":  The "Restrictions Message" has been moved below the Check Availability selector and added to the "Select Rooms" Page. To enable the "Restrictions Message" see Booking Engine Settings. To enter a "Restrictions Message", see Marketing And Policies

  • Hotel Name Display: You can now choose to display or hide your Hotel Name on the Booking Engine. This is useful if you have a logo which already states your property name and you want to avoid redundancy. To change the display setting, go to Booking Engine Settings

Learn how to customize your Booking Engine

NEW Front Desk, Payment and Report Features

  • Automatic Night Audit - Set Time: If you are using Automatic Night Audit, you can now set the time when Night Audit occurs. To set the Automatic Night Audit time, go to General Settings.
  • Automatic Credit Card Pre-Authorization: When set to Automatic, then Night Audit looks for all bookings that are due to arrive on the date selected and pre-authorizes the bookings using the credit card set in the Guarantee by (Requires Traditional MyCard)
  • Flat Rate Deposit: Set a Flat Rate Deposit for things like a cleaning fee or Resort Fee. Learn how to set the Guarantee Policy for your property. See Marketing And Policies
  • NEW! Pace Report: A 'business' point in time comparing to the same range last year, used as a sales analysis of your future occupancy, ADR, REVPAR, arrivals, etc. See Pace Report 
  • Future Arrivals Report: This Report is used to view all future arrivals with Folio Balance and Folio 'Projected Income' fields in order to identify which bookings may need financial follow-up. The report can be run for up to a year, and as few as a single day. See Future Arrival Reports
  • Automated Daily Manager's Reports: Schedule daily delivery of the "Manager", "Occupancy" and "Revenue" Reports to a primary email and cc email if needed.  See Automated Reports

NEW Owners & Agent Features

  • Agents and Owner's Email and Mobile # are now available for using a 'default' letter (email and/or SMS) to send automatically Booking Details.
  • Automatic Booking Confirmation Email and/or SMS Letters: Send customized Booking Confirmation Letters to Owner's and Agents. See Default Letters
  • Cancel Button in Owners Area: We have added the ability for an Owner to cancel a booking in the Owner Login Area Learn more
  • Unique Policies for Agents: Set unique policies for each agent, see Agent Types

NEW Letters & Merge Fields

  • NEW Letter Types: For use with the Kiosk, Agents and Owners as automatic Booking Confirmation Letters described above. See Default Letters
  • Automated Confirmation Email/SMS customized for a Room Type and/or Guest Type: Automatically send a customized Booking Confirmation Letter for a specific Room Type and/or  Guest Type. Learn more about Auto Confirmation Letters
  • New Merge Fields for Email and SMS Letters, see Merge Fields
  • Remote Access Lock codes
  • eSign  Suppressed Rates Default Letter
  • Owner Details
  • "Suppressed Rates" eSign Signature URL
  • Letters Setup: New Headings and longer Subject Line for all email letters. See Letters Setup
  • "Show in MyPMS": You now have the ability to select which letters appear in the drop down list in the Letters Tab of each booking. See Letters Setup



See a complete, detailed list of new features and enhancements at Year in Review 2020

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