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Webinar Recording Available!
Posted by Erica Johnson on 14 Jun 2017 03:36 PM

Miss the last Webinar?

Yield Management: BookingCenter and RateManager Integration

  Find the right rate management strategy for your property with Yield Managemen.

Learn how to automatically optimize rates quickly and easily based on key factors like occupancy, time patterns and competitor rates.

Watch Webinar Recording

If you would like to see it again, share it with a co-worker or couldn't make it, you can view the recording on our YouTube Channel.

Look for more webinars in the coming months on Rate Management, Group Bookings and more!  We hope you can attend!

Topics Covered

  • Yield Management: Automate rates based on 'Big Data'. 
  • What is's Rate Manager service?
  • How BookingCenter and Rate Manager's Integration can benefit you.

In today's fast paced online travel market, optimizing rates to maximize revenue and increase occupancy has become increasingly important. If your property isn't taking full advantage of rate management, you could be missing out on increased revenue and occupancy.

Learn how BookingCenter provides access to automated Rate Management tools built-in your PMS system. BookingCenter has been partnering with RateManager, a subsidiary of Priceline / to provide awesome technology.

Our partnership provides BookingCenter clients with seamless access to RateManager's array of products that are cost-effective and 'built into' BookingCenter.

If you have any questions about automated Yield Management options in BookingCenter, feel free to contact Jeff Tweddale at +1-707-874-3922 Ext. 201 or

For questions on BookingSuite/'s RateManager and RateIntelligence tools,

Contact Levi at

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NEW! OTA Booking Reconciliation Report
Posted by Erica Johnson on 05 Apr 2017 06:51 PM

We have a new report for customers with and Expedia Direct Connections.

     BookingCenter Direct Connections

Get a report of your and Expedia bookings with Check-out date, status and room cost.

It is ready to use today! With one click, you can instantly generate a report for any date range to help commission reconciliation. See a detailed explanation with examples at OTA Bookings Reconciliation Report Contact us with questions. We are here to help!

To start using this report in MyPMS, go to: REPORTS | ACCOUNTING | OTA BOOKING RECONCILIATION

MyPMS Accounting Reports | OTA Reconciliation Report

Do you already have a or Expedia connection?

Are you managing your availability and rates in the Extranet and manually entering the bookings?

Save the time it takes per booking to update availability. We can have you up and running with a Direct Connection in 15 minutes. Our OTA Direct Connections give you automatic booking import and synchronized rates and availability updates to your PMS. Get a seamless connection to sites like and Expedia, niche agencies like Mr and Mrs. Smith, Jetsetter, Tablet and more!


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MyPMS Latest Release - March 8, 2017
Posted by Erica Johnson on 08 Mar 2017 08:30 AM

This latest release introduces a major new enhancement, Frontdesk Dashboard, new features and some important bug fixes.

MyPMS Release Notes - March 8, 2017.


Front Desk Dashboard: We have added a visual dashboard to the front desk! The Front Desk Dashboard displays a "Daily Snapshot" of key data such as, occupancy and availability. It is located on the Front Desk of MyPMS and can be accessed by clicking "View" next to Dashboard. To see details and examples of how the new dashboard works, see Front Desk Dashboard


  • NEW User Restriction - "Settle Credit Cards": Additional setting added to allow optional restriction of "Settle Credit Cards" and "Manage Credit Cards" functions. See Users
  • Additional Guests: Booking Details window now displays and "edit" link for additional guests, allowing you to open the guest record of the additional guest. See Additional Guests. Add Additional Guests
  • NEW OTA Reconciliation Report: The OTA Reconciliation Report gives you a way to reconcile the commission charged for and Expedia bookings with the total room rent charged on each booking. See OTA Reconciliation Report
  • Tax Transactions Report: The total tax amount (Taxable charge- adjustments) now displays at the end of each tax category. Tax Transactions Report
  • Tape Chart:  As a visual enhancement, Rooms listed in the left column are now aligned left. Tape Chart
  • Package Rates: Each reoccurring package item will now post on date of stay. See Adding and Managing Package Items
  • Channel Manager (Management Tool):  The Booking Details screen now displays booking dates, daily rate, duration, and totals.

We are pleased to announce that the following software bugs were fixed in this release:

  • Managers Report AR payments section now only calculates payments made to AR accounts.
  • Managers Report Totals rooms does not include rooms set to "not include" in occupancy.
  • Corrected spelling mistake on MyPMS Users Page - Response #2.
  • Increased character length of last name field for extra people.
  • Increased character limit on State Field.
  • Agent Relationships Transaction Fee column is now visible.
  • Transaction report now displays DD-MON-YYYY format.
  • Room Rent posted to GB master folio now displays on Owner's Report.

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MyPMS Front Desk Dashboard
Posted by Erica Johnson on 04 Feb 2017 12:11 PM


MyPMS has a NEW Front Desk Dashboard!

Get a "Daily Snapshot" of occupancy, availability, bookings, unassigned rooms and more!

It is ready to use today! With one click, you can instantly see key data on Arrivals, In House, Departures, Occupancy, Availabilty and Bookings.


MyPMS Front Desk Dashboard

See a detailed explanation with examples at Front Desk Dashboard

 Check it out! To access your property's Front Desk Dashboard, click "View" on the Front Desk.

MyPMS Front Desk

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Ringing in the New Year - Happy 2017!
Posted by Erica Johnson on 28 Dec 2016 03:29 PM

As another year comes to an end, we wanted to take a moment to wish you a great 2017!

And, take some time to highlight a few of the major enhancements made this year.

If you haven't had a chance to try all of the new features and functions added in 2016, we have put together a list of highlights with links to step-by-step instructions below. Let us know if you have any questions, we would be happy to help. We look forward to an exciting 2017 with more enhancements, integrations, features, tutorials and webinars!

New! Rate Management Tools

As a BookingCenter customer, you have access to automated Rate Management tools already built in your PMS system. You can easily make % or $ adjustments to multiple rates at the same time using Manage Multiple Rates or quickly change a daily rate using on the Dynamic Rate Grid.

Looking for an automated rate management tool?

The Yield Management module is a powerful tool that gives you the ability to automatically change rates based on key factors like occupancy, date range and competitor's rates. In addition, BookingSuite customers can now integrate Rate Intelligence/Rate Manager Tools.

To learn more, watch our last webinar "Maximize Revenue with Rate Managment Tools"

Important Update! Credit Card Retention Policy

In order to increase security on credit card data, we have implemented a Credit Card Retention Policy for Credit Card Numbers stored in Bookings. What this means is that Credit Card numbers will be retained for a period of 30, 60 or 90 Days after guest check-out and then automatically purged from the system after the designated retention period. The retention period (30 -90 days) depends on the setting you choose in MyPMS. Note: The last four digits of the Card Card # used for payment in the booking will be retained. For instructions, see General Settings.

MyPMS Release Highlights 2016




  • Flag a Guest Choose a "Color Code Flag” to Guest Types to identify the guest types on the Tape Chart.

  • Group Booking Icons - Assign "Color Icons" to Group Bookings for easy identification on the Tape Chart

  • Room Amenity Icons - Display by Room on the Tape Chart.

  • Date bar repeat - Choose default row display view.

  • New Legend: See Room Type amenities and new muted red color for Unconfirmed Booking color on Tape Chart. See Tape Chart Enhancements


  • Deposit Quote We have added a new field called "Deposit Quote" to the New Booking process. This makes it easy to quote - and pay - the deposit amount required based on your guarantee policy set in Marketing and Policies

  • Guest History link on New Booking Window: Easily look up Guest HIstory when making a new booking. Enter Guest Name and click the Guest History link to see all history for that particular guest. See New Booking Guest Information

  • Hotel Logo on Folio Print/Email: There is now an option to add your hotel logo to the Folio printout or email. To add your hotel logo, See Setup

  • Guest History link on New Booking Window: Easily look up Guest HIstory when making a new booking. Enter Guest Name and click the Guest History link to see all history for that particular guest. See New Booking Guest Information

  • Print All Reg Cards by Room. We have added "Room" to the sort options for the Print All Reg Cards Report giving you the ability to sort and print the report by last name or room. See Print All Reg Cards


  • Owner's Area: Each unit owner can now go to and log in to see their details, bookings, commissions and reports. Learn more about Owner Management

  • Group Booking Engine: The "Add Room" function in the Group Booking Engine now displays the Room Rate and Reservation total when a guest is making a booking. All properties using the BookingCenter booking engine has a booking engine for groups. Learn how to use the Group Booking Engine.

  • Manage Rates - Weekly rates Flag. Make managing rates easier. If you don't use weekly rates, we have given you the ability to "hide" the weekly rates from the Manage Rates screen making it faster to change change rates. Turn this setting on by using the new "Weekly Rates" Flag in the Booking Engine Settings. See Weekly Rates

See our full Release Notes.

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