Release Notes - February 2023
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 28 Feb 2023 11:17 AM

Release Notes - February 2023

This release brings new MyPMS enhancements to the self check-in and -out system, as well as a new Self Cancellation feature that supports custom cancellation policies.

Self Check-out

  • The Self Check-out system can be used either with or without Self Check-in. The basic 'setup' concepts are similar to those for Self Check-in, in that the property can Setup the time, exemptions, and default Letters to deliver email and/or SMS messages to trigger the Guest to 'Check Out Online'.
  • Add-on sales for either/or Self Check-in and Self Check-out have also been enhanced.
  • The ability for a Housekeeper to be notified - automatically - via the Housekeeping app has also been implemented so that Housekeeping services can target either the schedule assigned at day's beginning, or act immediately upon actual Check-outs and Self Check-outs.  Learn more booingabout the Housekeeping App here.
  • Additional background can be found at:

Self Cancellation of Bookings in MyBookings

  • When a Guest accesses their booking, they can cancel it if it's within the 'Policy' period and for a fee (if required by the Policy). The benefit of allowing Self Cancellation is to free availability in order to re-sell the room, and collect a fee automatically.
  • The beauty of the 'Self Cancellation' system assures that the property gets whatever fee is due from the Guest enabling this important feature to occur automatically. The policy settings are described in detail in the Marketing And Policies under the 'Cancellations' area. 
  • Create as many as desired and ask BookingCenter Support to allocate these unique Policies to the types of bookings you wish, such as your Booking Engine or your Kiosk.
  • Only customers who are using the Mobile and/or Kiosk-based Self Check-in feature can utilize the Self Cancellation' system.
  • Additional detail can be found at:


  • Within MyPMS, with these new cancellation policies, the system will now display the cancellation message associated with each reservation. This pop-up window will display and will outline the specific cancellation policy associated so can be clearly communicated to the guest by your staff.
  • We also have a new ‘Cancel Policy’ button, for all completed, cancelled or active reservations, for users to view the cancellation policy associated with the reservation
  • We added a self check-out icon to the Tape Chart when a booking is self-checked out, similar to how Self Check-in icons work.
  • The Admin Housekeeping page has been updated to better color code rooms.


Booking Engine

  • Added currency to each page of the booking engine
  • When a property wishes to query a specific room type, the specific room type is highlighted, but will also display other available rooms (based on the query)
  • Added a Content Security Policy (CSP) to each customer's 'web tracking' code in order to provide greater security and stop phishing attacks. This is an added layer of security that helps to detect and mitigate certain types of attacks, including Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), phishing, and data injection attacks. 


Google Hotels

BookingCenter is now a certified partner with Google Hotels.  This works like a connection with Airbnb, Expedia, or BookingCenter synchronizes your rates, restrictions, and availability in real time with Google Hotels, and anytime a reservation is made, it will seamlessly import back into your BookingCenter software and be trackable via your PMS reporting. The Google Hotels program utilizes your current BookingCenter booking engine.  If interested, please reach out to our sales department.

System Enhancements

BookingCenter continues to update our backend infrastructure.

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