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Webinar Recording
Posted by Erica Johnson on 05 Aug 2020 07:29 AM

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Optimizing for Growth through COVID-19 Recovery with Airbnb

Co-hosted by BookingCenter and Airbnb

BookingCenter Airbnb Interface


This is a challenging time for our industry, but travel is starting to return in a new way. Watch this BookingCenter-Airbnb webinar to learn more about how to set up successful listings with BookingCenter, promote your listings based on Airbnb's latest COVID-19 recovery trends, and ultimately grow your business!‚Äč   Watch Webinar Recording

Get started with BookingCenter's direct two-way Airbnb Interface with automatic booking import, as well as synchronized availability, restriction, and rate updates.

Our team is ready to get your Airbnb Interace connected today. Contact us to get started!

Give us a call at +1-707-874-3922 Ext. 201 or email

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The HouseKeeping App Webinar Recording Available
Posted by Erica Johnson on 08 May 2020 09:00 AM

Miss the last Webinar?

Mobile HouseKeeping App

Streamline housekeeping, improve workflow, track and analyze tasks in real-time with full PMS integration.

BookingCenter Mobile Self Check-in


The HouseKeeping App is designed to tightly manage assigning, tracking, and managing Housekeeping in real-time with a supervisory check on rooms before releasing the room to 'Clean'. You can track assignments in real-time with status updates and push notifications to housekeepers and supervisors while streamlining PMS operations by assigning tasks in groups and/or individually. The Housekeeping App also improves workflows with visibility on the status of each room and an easy-to-use Dashboard to inform your Housekeepers how they are performing. Finally, the system enhance hygiene oversight by managing supervisory approval of a 'complete' room clean before the PMS assigns the room 'Clean'.

The HouseKeeping App is a 'scaled down' version of the MyGuest system, specifically for customers who want a robust Housekeeping management system tied in the with MyPMS, but don't need other MyGuest features nor a Concierge interface for your guests. Everything you need to create a “paperless” system to assure Housekeeping remains vital to your operations.

Watch the webinar to learn more about how it works, the key features and how you can customize The HouseKeeping App features to your Front Desk process. This service is fully integrated with your PMS.  Learn more about The HouseKeeping App

Our team is ready to get your HouseKeeping App set up and running today. Contact us to get started!

Give us a call at +1-707-874-3922 Ext. 201 or email

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Mobile Self Check-in Webinar Recording Available
Posted by Erica Johnson on 01 May 2020 07:45 AM

Miss the last Webinar?

Mobile Self Check-in: Setup and PMS Integration

BookingCenter Mobile Self Check-in

Watch Webinar Recording

Social Distancing is a big issue today, and may continue into the future. Create a "paperless" Front Desk and reduce physical contact with flexible tools to transform your Front Desk paradigm with Self Check-in, Digital Document Signing, Mobile Concierge and our Housekeeping App. Full integration with MyPMS insures "real-time" status updates to booking and payment details, credit card authorizations and Digital Signatures.

BookingCenter’s Self Check-in System lets the Guest update details, payment methods, view policies, digitally sign documents and complete check-in from their mobile device. The process is fully integrated with MyPMS with synchronized status updates, customized messaging. Incorporate eSign – Digital Document Signing if you require a signed Registration Letter and the SMS Module for immediate Text Messaging to Guests (subscription required).

Watch the webinar to learn more about how it works, the key features and how you can customize Mobile Self Check-in to your Front Desk process. This service is fully integrated with your PMS. Learn more about Mobile Self Check-in

Our team will get your property up and running with a customized Self Check-in System to fit your property needs. Contact us to get started!

Give us a call at +1-707-874-3922 Ext. 201 or email

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MyPMS Release Notes April 5, 2020
Posted by Erica Johnson on 13 Apr 2020 09:39 AM
This latest release brings major enhancements to Housekeeping, MyGuest, Reports, Self Check-in, Online Deposits and  more.  We have also updated the Inventory and Package Images to meet ADA Compliance Standards.
Read below for details and instructions on how to use these new features or go to MyPMS Release Notes - April 5, 2020
We are here at +1-707-874-3922 Ext. 202 and to assist in any way.

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COVID-19 - How BookingCenter can help reassure your guests
Posted by Erica Johnson on 20 Mar 2020 02:52 PM

We know this is a crazy time in the hospitality business and we want to help! BookingCenter has online solutions to help streamline operations and marketing during this ’slow down’, as now may be a good time for strategic planning. Using this crisis for operational improvements can be an investment in the future - as far as any of us know what it will hold.

Our Mobile Front Desk features give you the tools to create a paperless, touchless front desk environment and reduce physical contact by automating important functions like check-in, signing registration cards, taking payments, communicating with Housekeepers and guest communication. 

Here are some areas where BookingCenter's Mobile Front Desk Services can help, as well draw customers to you over the coming months:

Social Distancing in Hospitality
Since ’social distancing’ is a big issue these days, and may continue into the future, I wanted to bring to attention a few items that can calm consumer fears of staying in your property:

  • Self Check-in system allows Guests to bypass the ‘front desk’ or common space and head directly to their rooms.
  •  eSign Digital Document Signing enable Guests to digitally sign and store an unlimited number of contracts, registration forms, etc to avoid ‘in person’ signing when booking or checking in. Since these signed docs are legally-binding and attached to bookings, this makes your property paper-less. Learn more about paperless property management.
  • MyGuest Concierge enables Guests to browse and book local services, hotel amenities, or personal services from their mobile devices; have Requests tracked to the right staff or outside vendor; and communicate electronically to the hotel via our mobile app and/or web app.
  • Integrated EMV allows payment to be made via ‘dip’, ’tap’, or ’swipe’, allowing Guests control over their payment device (whether card or mobile phone) and avoid handling credit cards by your staff. In addition, card fraud tends to increase whenever the economy dips, and MyCard EMV offers additional protections to your company and Guests.

Sanitation and Housekeeping in the Hospitality space is a big issue now
The BookingCenter HouseKeeping app is a subset of MyGuest, BookingCenter's intranet and iOS/Android ‘Guest and Incident Tracking’ product that enables staff to track and manage guest & internal requests in real-time. The HouseKeeping app is designed to better manage Housekeeping within MyPMS. Among it’s key features:

  • Assign Housekeeping tasks, individually or as a group, to Users. This creates Request(s) for each 'Room Clean’ request to the right Housekeeper.
  • Track Housekeeping tasks. Because each request has a ’start time’ and ‘end time’, each Housekeeper tracks how successful they are at cleaning each Room in time.
  • Automate Supervision for Housekeeping tasks. When a Housekeeper has completed work for a specific Room, they can (optionally) set the Request to ‘Review’ status, which triggers a notification to the Housekeeping manager to approve the cleaning. Upon verification, the Room gets set to ‘clean’ via the Housekeeping manager.
  • Stay in sync with the PMS. Each PMS user can visit the Housekeeping page in MyPMS to review the status of each Room so they can know which Rooms will be available to rent in what order.
  • If you wish to notify Guests when their rooms are clean, we provide a WebHook to automate communication to Guests when their Unit is set to 'CLEAN’.

The BookingCenter Team cares a lot about you, so please reach out to us if you need any help with anything or want more info on these and other topics.

Wishing you the best of luck managing through the COVID-19 virus!

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Year in Review 2019
Posted by Erica Johnson on 17 Jan 2020 06:46 AM

New Services, Direct Connections, Features and Enhancements in 2019

As we kick off the new year, we wanted to take a moment to highlight a few of the major enhancements and new features added to MyPMS this year. If you haven't had a chance to try all of the new features and functions added in 2019, we have put together a list of highlights with links to step-by-step instructions below. Let us know if you have any questions, we would be happy to help. We look forward to an exciting 2020 with more enhancements, integrations, features, tutorials and webinars!


  • Mobile Self Check-in: We have added new features to the Self Check-in System includes automatic messaging, payment authorization, Esign – Digital Document Signing (optional), and room specific information allowing detailed room access instructions. It is fully integrated with MyPMS for “real-time” booking and status updates. Self Check-in | MyBooking Learn how to setup and use Self Check-in.
  • MyCard EMV: EMV® chip card processing is now available to your busines and fully integrated with MyCard, making setup easy and seamless. If your property takes primarily "card present" payments onsite at the front desk, restaurant or gift shop, then EMV is right for you. Learn more about MyCard EMV.
  • SMS Text Messaging: SMS Messaging is now available to use for website booking confirmations, allowing you to send SMS 'confirmation' text message to Guests when a booking is made via your booking engine.See SMS Module for pricing and to get started with SMS Messaging. See Default Letters
  • MyGuest - Mobile Mobile App: BookingCenter's MyGuest now comes with a downloadable iOS /Android app for key staff for immediate alerts via ‘push’ notifications of new incoming guest requests. Enables you to monitor your guests’ requests in real-time while roaming the property or from anywhere via your smart phone.Download on the App Store or get it on Google Play. .Learn more about the MyGuest App
  • MyGuest - Self Check-in Integration: MyGuest is completely integrated with the MyPMS booking process: Self Check-in, eSign and SMS Messaging. Get alerts when a guest checks-in, signs a document, or is SMS messaged for a 'same day booking/arrival'. Learn more about Self Check-in | MyGuest Integration
  • BookingCenter "Unit Owner Connect" Program and "Owner Channel Manager Program: Give Owners of specific unit(s) at owner of specific unit(s) at a condo, hotel or any other type of non-traditional lodging the ability to manage day–to–day bookings, control rates and availability and manage Online Distribution Channels such as Expedia, AirBnB, and others.  All while seamlessly working with the HOA and 'front desk' staff.


  • AirBnB Two-way Interface- BookingCenter is now officially certified in most expansive two-way Airbnb interface available. This new, fully-integrated solution includes support for building your AirBnB listing(s), editing listing(s), removing listing(s), managing rates and availability, bookings, taxes, and all Guest messaging (when using MyGuest).  BookingCenter has the most complete AirBnB interface integration that is possible, making this valuable channel easy to manage from within your BookingCenter tool.  If you're working with our OTA Channels, then it works the same way as your Expedia,, and website connections with automatic booking import, synchronized availability and rate updates, a marketing profile in AirBnB for each Room Type in BookingCenter. But due to how we implemented seamlessly managing Listing(s), Messaging between Guests and Host, taxes pass-through (which is complex for AirBnB hosts, especially when they have Listings in various tax jurisdictions), this interface goes beyond other OTA Channels   This interface allows you to have separate profiles for a variety of accommodation types. Booking details and all Guest Messaging can still be found in the AirBnB app or website, but all messages and updates to/from Guests will automatically be entered into your MyGuest Concierge system. Learn more about the new AirBnB Interface, including setup and pricing. Contact us to get started!
  • TripAdvisor InstantBooking - We are excited to announce that we have added TripAdvisor's InstantBooking to the BookingCenter- TripAdvisor Module. The new InstantBooking feature lets guests book directly on the TripAdvisor site just like other OTA connections such as Expedia or InstantBooking is the 'commission' option that TripAdvisor offers in lieu of the TripConnect 'CPC' (cost per click) model, so a property can choose one or the either.   As a Certified TripAdvisor Partner, BookingCenter offers a seamless connection with synchronized availability and rate, room allocation control, and instant booking.  Learn more about the TripAdvisor Module
  • GuestCentric Direct Connection - We are excited to announce that we have added a direct connection to GuestCentric platform. This new connection offers a seamless connection with synchronized availability and rate, room allocation control, and atuomatic booking import. Contact us for pricing and to get started.

MAJOR MyPMS ENHANCEMENTS                        

Website Booking Engine

  • NEW Room Type "Image Slideshow" for the Booking Engine: Show an image slideshow on your Booking Engine. You can now add up to 20 images per Room Type to display on your Booking Engine. See Booking Engine | Image Slideshow. To use this new feature, all you need to do is add more images to your Room Types in Setup.  see Add Room Type Images.
  • ADA Compliance for the Booking Engine: Your Booking Engine now meets strict ADA Compliance Standards (Americans with Disabilities standards). Learn more at Booking Engine | ADA Compliance. As part of design implementation, we have provided an "ALT Tag "field for each Room Type Image in MyPMS, but the descriptive text must be entered by you in order to meet Compliance Standards. For  step-by-step instructions on how to enter the descriptive text in the "ALT Tag" field for each Room Type Image, go Add Room Type Images.
  • Booking Engine - Custom URL (links) for Availability, Rates, Sources, and Market Codes: The BookingCenter XML Booking Engine can now be used to deliver selected rates and availability, or track marketing programs, by creating unique URLs.  Learn how to use Custom URL Links.

Rate Plans, Letters and Housekeeping Features

  • Rate Plans (Included Items): You can now create a Rate Plan with an "Included Item" from your Inventory Items List. Each of these Rate Plans will display one Rate to the Guest and account for Room Rent and Inventory Item separately in a Report. To learn more, see Default Rate Plan - Included Items
  • Housekeeping Feature - Set the Say Over (S/O) Value: Long Term Stay properties often will only perform a Stay Over (S/O) clean on every x night of the stay.  The MyPMS system allows you to set this 'Cleaning Interval' so that the S/O value will apply, for example, to every 3rd night of the stay.   Make your custom setting for the 'Cleaning Interval' in the General Setting area.

  • Default Letters for Email and SMS: The Default Letters section now displays in a new tab to the right of the Letters tab. It is used to select the "Letters" used for automated email and SMS functions, such as the confirmation email sent when an online booking is made, a Self Checkin arrival is due; an e-Sign Letter is required, etc.  Learn more about the new Default Letters Section.
  • New Auto Letter Events and Merge Fields for Letters: Three new Auto Letter Events for Email and/or SMS Text Messaging. See Add or Edit SMS Letters

Front Desk Dashboard

  • Dashboard Layout: The MyPMS Front Desk dashboard has a new look!  We have realigned the 'Front Desk Widgets' to provide a streamlined look by updating the "Admin - Front Desk Layout" to make it easier to add and reorder widgets. If you haven't customized your Front Desk Dashboard yet, learn how at Admin | Front Desk - Page Layout

Tape Chart, Booking By Availability and Book By Inquiry

  • Tape Chart - NEW! View Rates: You can now view all of the Rate Plans available for a Room Type right on the Tape Chart. Just click on the date and when the New Booking pop-out displays, click the new "Rates" button to see a list of Rates. See Tape Chart - New Booking
  • Tape Chart "Room Details" Pop-out: We have streamlined the Room Details window and added the 'Room Type' description, amenities, max occupancy and notes to make it easier to see room details when making a booking. See Room Details
  • Booking By Availability- NEW "View Rates": We have added a "View Rates" option to Booking By Availability giving you the ability to view the Standard Default Rate for the the Room Type on any selected dates. See Tape Chart View Rates
  • Booking By Inquiry: The Book By Inquiry page has been updated to make booking by Rate Plan, Room Type and Source easier.  We added more Room Type Details to the "View Details" pop-out, as well. See Booking By Inquiry


  • Items Included Report: We have added a new Report for Rate Plans with Included Items: You can now create a Rate Plan with an "Included Item" from your Inventory Items List. Each of these Rate Plans will display one Rate to the Guest and account for Room Rent and any 'included' Inventory Item separately in a Report. This is perfect for Rate Plans that include a breakfast charge; or rental units that include a cleaning fee, as example. To learn more, see Items Included Report.
  • In-house Guest Ledger and; In-House Reports: We have added totals to the columns to both of these Reports. See Daily Reports.
  • Item Analysis Report: We have added "Transaction Category" and "Transaction Type" as sort options for the Item Analysis Report. You can can easily create a report for specific items. You can now use the Item Analysis Report to track items with $0 applied on folios. This is useful for tracking Inventory items that are not sold, but just tracked for purposes such as Housekeeping, Maintenance, etc. See Item Analysis Report.

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