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MyPMS Latest Release Notes
Posted by Erica Johnson on 26 Mar 2019 08:51 AM

MyPMS Release April 24, 2019


This release brings major enhancements to the booking process in MyPMS, better integration with MyGuest, a new Self Check-in feature for automating operations,  SMS Messaging support, eSign Digital Document Signing, TripAdvisor InstantBooking, and more.

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NEW Services and OTA Connections

  • TripAdvisor InstantBooking - We are excited to announce that we have added TripAdvisor's InstantBooking to the BookingCenter- TripAdvisor Module. The new InstantBooking feature lets guests book directly on the TripAdvisor site just like other OTA connections such as Expedia or InstantBooking is the 'commission' option that TripAdvisor offers in lieu of the TripConnect 'CPC' (cost per click) model, so a property can choose one or the either.   As a Certified TripAdvisor Partner, BookingCenter offers a seamless connection with synchronized availability and rate, room allocation control, and instant booking.  Learn more about the TripAdvisor Module
  • GuestCentric Direct Connection - We are excited to announce that we have added a direct connection to GuestCentric platform. This new connection offers a seamless connection with synchronized availability and rate, room allocation control, and atuomatic booking import. Contact us for pricing and to get started. 
  • MyGuest - Mobile Concierge and Guest Request System Integration- MyGuest now integrates with the MyPMS booking process: Self Check-in, eSign and SMS Messaging. Get alerts when a guest checks-in, signs a document, or is SMS messaged for a 'same day booking/arrival'. Learn more about Self Check-in | MyGuest Integration


  • Self Check-in: Self Check-in System can be enabled for any MyPMS Customer and <optionally> integrated into the  MyGuest Guest Request System. FulI PMS integration insures that guest data is stored and available for the guest’s next stay.  The Self Check-in system is completely automated from start to finish and includes automatic messaging, payment authorization, Esign – digital signing (optional) and room specific information allowing detailed instructions supporting a mix of 'traditional' (hotel, inn, resort) and 'non traditional' (vacation rentals, cabins, etc) operations. Learn how to setup and use Self Check-in.

  • MyBooking:The Self Check-in process and e-Sign process occurs securely in MyBooking, the BookingCenter secure access guest portal.  Features include the ability to update booking details, authorize payments, accept terms, and check-in. It is fully integrated with MyPMS for “real-time” booking and status updates. Self Check-in | MyBooking

  • eSign Digital Document Signing: Digital Document Signing via either fingers (mobile devices and 'touch screen' computers) or via mouse (traditional Mac and PCs) is now built into the booking process, streamlining check-in for your customers and staff. eSign is fully integrated with your PMS and ready-to-use - at no additional cost. Save time, speed up the check-in process, improve record keeping and free up time for your staff by sending - and receiving - digitally signed documents. eSign is perfect for standardizing and automating contracts such as Group Bookings, automating the Registration card, and many others.  Getting started is easy. Create and send a Digital Signature Letter right away using our default Letters section. Learn how to use eSign

  • SMS Text Messaging Support: SMS Messaging is now integrated into the booking process, allowing you to create and send SMS text message to Guests. Once enabled, they can be sent manually from the Letters Tab of any booking or automatically using the "Auto Letters" Function. Contact us for pricing and to get started.

  • Default Letters for Email and SMS: The Default Letters section now displays in a new tab to the right of the Letters tab. It is used to select the "Letters" used for automated email and SMS functions, such as the confirmation email sent when an online booking is made, a Self Checkin arrival is due; an e-Sign Letter is required, etc.  Learn more about the new Default Letters Section.
  • New Auto Letter Events and Merge Fields for Letters: There are three new Auto Letter Events that can be used for Email and/or SMS Text Messaging. See Add or Edit SMS Letters.

    • eSign Email and SMS: Used to start the eSign Digital Document Signing Process. This function will send a Letter or Message to the guest with a link to the eSign Signature Letter. eSign - Digital Document Signing.
    • Self Check-in Email and SMS: Used to start the Self Check-in process. This function will send a Letter or Message to the guest with a secure link to MyBooking. Self Check-in System.
    • Booking Made Today Letter and SMS: This new event gives you the ability to automatically send a Letter or SMS Message to the Guest at the time of Booking. See Auto Letters.
    Learn how to customize Letters using Merge Fields.

MyPMS Enhancements

  • Report Enhancements: Item Analysis Report - You can now use the Item Analysis Report to track items with $0 on the folio. This is useful for tracking Inventory items that are not sold, but just tracked for Housekeeping, etc. See Item Analysis Report.
  • New Merge Field For Letters: Added the merge field "Drivers license" to Letters. This field can be custom labeled and used for any code, coupon or other guest details you need. Learn how to customize Letters using Merge Fields.

 MyGuest Enhancements

  • Exportable Request Reports: The Reports section gives you the ability to create a Requests Report using different parameters, very similar to the Transactions Report in MyPMS.  Once the Report is created, it can be exported to a CSV. file (thus opened in a program such as Microsoft's Excel or Apple's Numbers). Learn more about MyGuest | Request Reports.
  • Search Guests Feature: The "Search Guests" feature gives managers the ability to search for guests by name, email or phone #. Once the Guest record(s) are located, the Guest Details can be edited and the number of requests submitted by the guest will be displayed and linked to.. Learn more about MyGuest | SEARCH Guests.
  • Management Section is available to Users with "Manager" level access. The Management section allows Managers to manage and edit Users, Guest Records, and Forms. Learn more about MyGuest | Management.
  • MyPMS Integration: MyGuest now integrates with new features added to the MyPMS booking process: Self Check-in, eSign and SMS Messaging. Get alerts when a guest checks-in, signs a document, or receives an SMS message.Learn more about MyGuest | MyPMS Integration
  • New MyGuest Tab in MyPMS: A new MyGuest Tab has been added to the details of each Booking. You can now easily see all (new, cancelled, and completed) Requests linked to a booking. 

We are pleased to announce that the following software bugs were fixed in this release:

  • Systemwide upgrade to PHP7 as a securtiy enhancement.
  • Fixed issue with Online deposits not including tax on MyPMS imports to folio.
  • Fixed issue with Child Rates not saving or inheriting restrictions on GDS systems and SynXis and Sabre.
  • Fixed issue with CTA (closed to arrival) on Parent Rates Not Saving on on GDS systems and SynXis and Sabre.
  • Users without OVERBooking privileges can no longer Overbook in Edit Tab of booking.
  • Group booking managers can now Add Bookings to Soft Allocations saved for Group Blocks.

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Posted by Erica Johnson on 22 Mar 2019 11:34 AM

MyPMS Major Release Scheduled

Sunday, March 24, 2019 at 10:00 PM PST (Pacific Time)

Spring is here in the Northern Hemisphere and we are off to some great beginnings.  We are excited to announce the next release of MyPMS on Sunday, March 24, 2019 at 10:00 PM PST (Pacific Time).

This release brings major enhancements to the booking process in MyPMS, better integration with MyGuest, a new Self Check-in feature for automating operations,  SMS Messaging support, eSign Digital Document Signing, TripAdvisor InstantBooking, and others.

After the release on Sunday, we will send you details and instructions on how to get started with the new enhancements and services.

The estimated down time is longer than normal - 2 hours (120 minutes). During this time, the following services will be offline and not available, so please plan accordingly.

  • MyPMS customers please take note: This downtime WILL affect your Property Management System, as the system will NOT be available during this period. North America and European customers, please schedule your Night Audit accordingly, and be sure to print out all necessary reports (we recommend any non-arrived guests to have their Registration Letters printed, for example) before 10 PM PDT (California Time) Sunday night. Southern hemisphere customers should consider printing Folios for departing check-outs, as this may impact your ‘check out’ hours.
  • Desktop Property Management System updates will not work.
  • The Booking Engine (what we sometimes refer to as the ‘Request Server’) will be unavailable during this time.
  • Credit card processing via MyCard and AuthorizeNet will be unavailable during this time.
  • GDS/OTA updating and booking retrievals will cease during this time, but activity that occurs on these sites will continue and will be sent to you when the system is restored.

A reminder of the scheduled downtime will be posted for all MyPMS Users on the Front Desk in the "System Messages" area prior to service interruption. We appreciate your understanding of this inconvenience, and are here to answer any questions at: and +1-707-874-3922.

REMINDER: After a MyPMS new software release, it is a good idea to clear your website browser cache. Typically, browser cache issues can affect the ability of MyPMS to perform certain tasks which can be easily fixed by clearing the cache in your browsers. See Clear Browser Cache

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MyPMS Training Guide, Videos, and FAQ
Posted by Erica Johnson on 13 Dec 2018 06:44 AM

It's hard to believe that another busy holiday season is right around the corner! What better time to learn more about the features and functions available in MyPMS. Whether it's tips about managing bookings and the tape chart, using reports, or managing rates and restrictions - we want to make it easier for you!

Our learning resources include an online manual, video tutorials, and hundreds of Knowledge articles. To get you started, we put together a list of tips,  links to FAQ's, and step-by-step instructions based on some of your most commonly asked questions. There is much more, so go to one of our learning resources and search for your topic or question in our Knowledge Base, Online Manual, and Video Tutorials.

Have new front desk staff or need a refresher? Check out the Quick Start Training Guide

5 Tips for Managing Bookings

Answers to top FAQ

Managers - Learn more about managing rates, restrictions and payments

All you need to know about reports

New Features - Online Channel Connections

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Desposit, Cancellation and Privacy Policy Updates
Posted by Erica Johnson on 27 Sep 2018 08:25 AM


Update YOUR Deposit and Cancellation Policies

NEW! Privacy Policy for Booking Engine and Letters




In our ongoing effort to provide you with the most up-to-date features, we have updated the Deposit and Cancellation Policy options (each one is now a unique message) and added a Privacy Policy message. For detailed instructions on how to update your Deposit and Cancellation Policy messages, and add the new Privacy Policy message, as as view where these messages can be displayed on the Booking Engine(s) and Letters, see Booking Engine | Policies


Since these Policies display on your Booking Engine and in the Default Confirmation Letter sent to the Guest when a Booking is completed, it is important to make sure these Policies are up-to-date. Please take a moment to review your Deposit and Cancellation Polices in the Marketing and Policies area and review the merge fields used in your Letters to make sure your policies are displaying correctly.


To add a Privacy Policy message, go to SETUP | SETTINGS| MARKETING AND POLICIES. For instructions see, Marketing and Policies


We are here at +1-707-874-3922 Ext. 202 and to assist in any way




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MyPMS Release Notes - June 27, 2018
Posted by Erica Johnson on 27 Jun 2018 08:37 AM

NEW Booking Engine Template -  Availability Calendar

We have a new Booking Engine Template with an Availability Calendar for both the "Single Room" and "Multi-Room" Booking Engines. The templates are ready-to-use and can be viewed in your PMS Setup Area at Booking Engine | Website Code

Learn how to customize your Booking Engine at Customize Booking Engine

NEW Front Desk Dashboard Customization Features

Customize the Front Desk of MyPMS with Front Desk Widgets. These widgets give you the ability to organize the Front Desk and display the booking Information and data that matters most to your property. Learn how to customize the Front Desk Dashboard at Admin | Front Desk - Page Layout

  • "Today's Occupancy" Widget - This newly redesigned Occupancy Widget will appear on your Front Desk Dashboard in place of the current "Today's Occupancy" Widget in Admin | Front Desk - Page Layout
  • "System Message" -  Important messages and notifications from BookingCenter, called "System Messages", will now automatically appear at the top of your Dashboard when a message is posted. The current "System Messages" Widget will be automatically removed from your Front Desk Dashboard. 

New! Today's Occupancy Widget

More Customization Features Available

"New Booking Window" Custom Ordering and Labels - You can now customize which fields, in which order, and how they are Labeled in the the New Booking window.  Thus, you can remove fields you don't want. Customizing these labels lets you get the booking details you need and removes the clutter of unwanted fields, making it faster and easier to make new bookings. Learn how to custom your labels at Admin | Booking - Data Elements

"Housekeeping  Groups"  This new Housekeeping function makes it easy to organize Rooms into Groups and customize the Housekeeping area on the Front Desk. Create Groups by building, floor, housekeeper name or any other customized name that works for your property. These customized Groups make it easy to print Maid Sheets for each Housekeeper.and will also customize the display in FRONT DESK | HOUSEKEEPING with Rooms sorted into each Group. Admin | Housekeeping

NOTE: These new customization features are available to Users with "Admin Manager" level access. To learn how to change your User Role and enable these customization features for your property, see Admin | Enable User Customization

More Enhancements!

NEW Merge Fields for Custom Letters 

"Folio Transactions" - This new merge field displays ONLY the Folio Transactions, without the total and Folio Balance. This gives you the ability to further customize your Letters and Receipts by detailing Folio Transactions.

"Room Notes" - Use this new merge field to enter custom notes for each Room and then insert them automatically into any Custom Letter. 

Learn how to customize Letters using Merge Fields 

Group Bookings - "Assign All Rooms" and "Auto Fill Allocations"

With this new feature, you can now automatically assign Rooms to all bookings in a Group at once. This makes it easy to complete Room Assignments for Group Bookings without having to assign each individually and all bookings appear immediately on your Tape Chart.  Learn More about "Auto Fill Room Type Allocations" and "Assign All Rooms in Group"

AR Account Statements 

We have added the option to save the AR "Detailed Statement" to an Excel file. Using this option will create an Excel file with the Details of each Guest Folio selected in the Statement. Learn more about AR Accounts and AR Statements

We are pleased to announce that the following software bugs were fixed in this release:

  • Fixed issue when Canadian-issued Visa cards entered in Booking Engine, returned message - "The credit card number is not valid".

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Webinar Recording - Group Bookings
Posted by Erica Johnson on 07 Jun 2018 01:11 PM

Miss the last Webinar?

Managing Group Bookings in MyPMS

Watch Webinar

Learn how to use the Group Booking Wizard, Manage Group Booking Details, Folios, Room Allocations, Rates,  the  Group Booking Engine and more.

We will also introduce NEW Group Booking Features  Auto Fill Room Type Allocations and Assign All Room Type Allocations

Topics Covered

  • New Group Bookings - Group Booking Wizard
  • Group Bookings Best practices
  • Overview Booking Details, Folios and Letters 
  • Managing Room Type Allocations and Rates
  • Using the Group Booking Engine
  • NEW! Group Booking Features

Watch Webinar


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