Rooms: How Do I Add Rooms or Edit Existing Rooms or Room Types?
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 09 Aug 2013 10:47 AM

There is nothing static about hotel operations. Rooms change and Room Types get altered. Doing this in MyPMS is easy and can be done by the operator, but the user must have Manager level access to the Setup area. Rooms and Room Types can have 'sort' values, which determines which order they come up on the Tape Chart and Availability Chart. So PLAN YOUR EDITS so that Rooms and Types appear properly by reading: How do I control how the Tape Chart and Availability Chart display rooms? to make the process work for particular specific needs.

Adding or Editing Rooms
This is the easiest operation, and is covered in this article: How Do I add or Edit a Room if it's Wrong?

Adding, Editing, or Deleting Room Types

This is a more complex operation, as Rooms will needed to be re-allocated to a new Type (assuming you delete a Room Type) or edited to belong to a new Type (assuming you create a new Room Type). Also, you will wish to make sure that the new Type is allocated properly for your web and Global Booking Network strategy. See: Managing Rates and Availability to your Front Desk, Website, GDS and Global Booking Networks via MyPMS for details on this after completing your new Rom Type setup.

Adding, editing, or deleting of Room Types is done in the Setup area, which any manager has access to. But be careful!  When editing or deleting room types in the setup area of MyPMS you must make sure to move all future booking into an existing room type prior to removing the old room type.  If you delete a Room Type before editing the bookings that are linked to that old Room Type, you will loose the room and rate details for that booking. It is imperative to make edits to future bookings belonging to a specific Room Type prior to deleting it.

Do a search for the old room type (the one you wish to delete) with a begins on date of today and an ends on date of 12 to 18 months in the future. This should display all future bookings for this room type. Please repeat this step for any Group bookings that might need editing for hard or Soft allocations.

Once the future bookings are identified, open them up one at a time and click on the edit tab of each booking. Select the new room type they are going to be in and save the booking.  If desired, also save the specific Room.

Once all future bookings have been placed into a current room type (i.e., a new one or one that is not going to be deleted) you may then delete the old room type from the set-up area.

If you get the basics done, and need help 'fine-tuning' your Room and Room Types setup to fit your goals, please login to the Support Area at Here, you can 'Submit Request Tickets' to our support staff and read the Knowledge Base.

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