Tape Chart: Display order of Room Types on Booking Engine
Posted by Jesse Chieppa on 20 Nov 2012 05:13 PM

Properties have the ability to customize the order in which Room Types and Rooms display on the Booking Engine.

To change the Room Type Order on the Booking Engine

  • Click on the Room Type ID
  • Click the Edit Button
  • In the Sort Field, add the sequential # of how you want the Room Type to appear in the Tape Chart and on the Booking Engine. For example, enter 1 for the Room Type to appear first, 2 for the second Room Type and so on. Acceptable sort values are between 0-99. 0 is the highest priority with 99 being the lowest priority. Any conflicting values will sub sort alpha-numeric. The smallest number will show at the top. ie, sort order 2 will show before 3.

NOTE: The sort order placed on the Room Type (note, NOT the Room) will determine the sort the Booking Engine uses to return available rooms when using the Booking Engine template.


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