Bookings: Resolving Tape Chart Availability Issues
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 01 Sep 2010 09:16 AM

Bookings with Unassigned Rooms

Because the MyPMS system allows one to book a 'Room Type' and not assign an actual Room until closer to check in, there can be times when the Tape Chart availability looks off or shows a 0 or -1, etc. This is usually it's due to a reservation that has been booked into a Room Type, but no Room Assignment has been made.

There are several ways to find the bookings with no Room assignment.

Bookings with Unassigned Rooms

Start by using the Report called "Bookings with Unassigned Rooms" in the Daily Reports area.  This report will allow you to set a date range to examine bookings that are booked into a Room Tupe-  but have yet to be assigned an actual Room (thus, they don't appear on teh tape Chart) - between the date range chosen.  This is the fastest and easiest way to answer availability questions for folks who love the Tape Chart and always like to see assigned rooms.



  • This method allows you to see a list of all bookings that begin and end on specific dates. Use the fields, 'Begins on:' and 'Ends on:' with the dates you need to check. The resulting list will show the bookings that begin and end for that date range (ie, could arrive, were booked, or depart between 'Begins on:' and 'Ends on:' the date).
  • If you are simply trying to decide which bookings have not had a Room assigned between specific dates, use the Report called "Bookings with Unassigned Rooms" in the Daily Reports area.  The results will display bookings arriving within that date range with no rooms assigned. 
  • You can also search by Room Type to see a list of bookings in a room type or choose "no room" from the Room field to see a list of bookings with no room assignments.

Once you have created the list you need:

  • Look under the column Room to see if it is blank and it will show you quickly which bookings have no room assigned. This list shows the same number of available rooms as shown on the Tape Chart, but the bookings won't be visible on the Tape Chart until a Room assignment has been made.
  • Open the booking and assign a room.


Group Booking Hard Allocations

If there is still a question about availability, then it's also a common situation that a Group Booking has a Hard Allotment that is pulling availability. This will show on a Search using 'Begins on:' and 'Ends on:' as well. But if you wish to only view Groups, go to Bookings | Group Bookings and search on all Groups to see what dates of a Group might be holding back availability for the dates you are analyzing. See Group Bookings: Rooms Allocated Exceed Available RoomsGroup Booking Hard Allocations


Out of Order Rooms
Finally, enure that you do not have an OOO room (Out of Order Room) set for days of a group booking. We sometimes see that a Group Booking get fully-allocated for a Room Type (for example, 9 of 9 Queens). If you then place one of the Queen rooms OOO, it will throw your count down by making that -1.  Thus, you allocated all Queens to a group and then made one of them 'out of Order', resulting in a -1.  You can run an 'Out of Order Report' to find these OOO rooms, or else view the tape Chart for OOO rooms for the days in consideration.

If  these strategies do not work, we can try to help through, entering the Room Type and dates in question into the ticket, and we will try and assist.

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