Group Bookings: Rooms Allocated Exceed Available Rooms
Posted by Jesse Chieppa on 29 Jul 2011 08:10 AM

Why am I seeing the error message: "No. of rooms allocated exceeds available no. of rooms for the selected room type(s) for at least one of the days?"

Group Bookings are not permitted to overbook the system so this error is presented anytime you attempt to save a hard allocation that exceeds availability.The most common occurrence of this happening is staff overbooking the property via book by availability or tape chart after the Group Booking hard allocations are in place, thus forcing total availability negative.

Because overbookings can have broad impact including on group block availability we recommend that you limit Overbooking privileges to only staff who need the functionality. This setting can be managed in SETUP|PMS|USERS.  Click on the User, click edit and change thesetting for "Allow Overbooking".

For example, if you make a group booking for BookingCenter and hard allocate all 9 of your TWIN rooms, your availability for TWIN rooms will go to 0. If you then overbook your TWIN rooms via Book by Availability or Tape Chart, your total TWIN availability will go to -1 and, you will be presented with this error message when you try and edit/save the allocations on the group booking.

You can fix this in one of two ways:

  1. Find the booking outside of the group that caused the overbooking and move them to a different Room Type or cancel the booking as appropriate.
  2. Adjust the hard allocations for the TWIN type so the type is no longer into negative availability. In the above example, if you had 9 TWIN rooms hard allocated and availability showed as -1, you would need to adjust the TWIN hard allocation down to 8 to bring availability to 0.
  3. Enure that you do not have an OOO room (Out of Order Room) set for days of your group booking.  If you allocate 9 rooms, and put the room OOO, it will throw your count off by 1.

When editing a group booking to correct an overbooking situation, you must adjust allocations for ANY room types that are overbooked for all days that are overbooked as the system updates ALL allocations during the edit process.

It's important to remember when modifying group allocations that a group must have at least 1 allocation for at least 1 room type for each day of the groups stay. In instances where you must set your hard allocations to 0 for only a single day you can add 1 soft allocation to avoid an warning that at least one room type must be allocated each day.

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