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Move Your BookingCenter Datafile to a New PC or Mac
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 30 Oct 2008 04:41 PM

Move Your BookingCenter Datafile to a New PC or Mac

Here's how you can move a BookingCenter installation from one Mac / PC to a new one:

-> Make sure you know where the BookingCenter datafile (the file with ALL your BookingCenter data on it) you use on your old computer. Make a copy (backup) of it.

-> Quit BookingCenter on the old computer.

-> Drag the datafile to a folder on the old computer to the new computer or else onto a portable drive such as a thumb drive, ZIP, or extrenal drive.

-> Load BookingCenter onto the new computer (follow instructions at:   Launch BookingCenter on the new computer.

-> If BookingCenter asks you to load a datafile, choose the one you copied/loaded from the old computer. 

Look at the Rooms, Guests, etc. Did it all come across? I bet it did!

Make this new datafile the new one that loads every time on the new computer. How to do this?

-> Go to the FILE menu of BookingCenter
-> Choose Change Datafile
-> Click 'Other'
-> Find your customized datafile and double-click it. Now you have the correct datafile loaded and ready to use!
-> Now, go back to the FILE menu
-> Choose Change Datafile
->  Highlight the custom datafile you want to launch as the default (ie, each time BookingCenter launches)
->  Click the 'Default' button and BookingCenter will ask if you want to set this datafile as the default. Click  "Yes" and it is done.
-> Close the Change Datafile window by clicking the close button

To Stop the DEMO datafile from EVER loading
(this is the one that will be installed in the new BookingCenter folder if you install from a CD-ROM or from the download in the Support Area)

Go into the / BookingCenter / folder on your computer. Find a file called "BCDEMO.df1" and DELETE this file. Now your customized Default datafile will load each time you launch BookingCenter.

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