Re-Installing Desktop PMS
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 07 Apr 2009 08:03 AM

Re-Installing Desktop

If strange errors on your Mac or Windows PC simply will not go away, then re-installing the program is your best bet.

Here is how:

Go to (you will need to know your Site ID and password to access this area) and download a new version of BookingCenter, but before you install it, copy your / BookingCenter Images/ and your data file to a place when you can put it BACK into BookingCenter once you've installed the new version. We don't want you to over-write your BookingCenter file when you do the re-installation, so please MAKE A COPY before proceeding.

Also please note. An active support contract is required to download software.

Here's the steps to take:

  1. Download the new version of BookingCenter and save it on your computer.
  2. Copy your / BookingCenter Images/ and your data file to a place where it is safe. Also, copy any other file you have placed in your / BookingCenter / folder that you need to save.
  3. Throw the whole BookingCenter folder (C:/ BookingCenter / on Windows or Applications | BookingCenter on Mac OS X) to the trash
  4. Follow through with the file you downloaded and re-install BookingCenter. If on a Windows 7 or Vista PC make sure you right click on the installer and left click on 'Run as Administrator'
  5. Copy the your / BookingCenter Images/ and and your data file into the new BookingCenter folder at C:/BookingCenter/ on Windows or Applications | BookingCenter on Mac OS X.
  6. Launch BookingCenter. Register it as per your registration details - these were sent to you earlier.
  7. Once in BookingCenter, go to the FILE menu (Please note: If you do not see a file menu then right click in the blank space next to the icons. A contextual menu will appear and you can choose to view the menu. This can be a concern when using a Windows operating system)
    • Choose Change Datafile
    • Click “Other”
    • Find your customized datafile and double-click it. Now you have the correct datafile loaded and ready to use!
    • Now, go back to the FILE menu
    • Choose Change Datafile
    • Highlight the custom datafile you want to launch as the default (ie, each time BookingCenter launches)
    • Click the “Default” button and BookingCenter will ask if you want to set this datafile as the default. Click "Yes" and it is done.
    • Close the Change Datafile window by clicking the close button
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