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ODB Error 100 or 101 The ODB Connection could not be made
Posted by - NA - on 29 Aug 2008 11:22 AM

These errors usually occur when the ODB Admin data file cannot be found.

The most common reasons are:

  1. The server is not powered on.
  2. The IP address of the server has changed.
  3. The ODB server machine must have a static IP address

If you have changed the server IP,accidentally or otherwise, you must use the ODB Admin Tool to reset the IP address. Then, commit your changes and restart the ODB server. Each client machine may have to reset the ODB Path under BookingCenter -> Parameters -> System Configuration in order to reestablish the connection to the ODB server.
Note: The ODB Path for each client will have to be reset. Go to Parameters->System Configuration and click on the ODB Path button.
For information on using the ODB Admin Tool go to: ODB Server Can Not Be Found

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