MyPMS Release Notes - September 9, 2020
Posted by Erica Johnson on 14 Sep 2020 12:53 PM

This latest release brings major enhancements to Kiosk Self Check-in, Key Lock Access and Payment options, Email and SMS Communication to both Owner's and Agents, Letters, and the Booking Engine as well as a few bug fixes.

Read below for details and instructions on how to use these new features or go to MyPMS Release Notes - September 9, 2020

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Self Check-in Remote Lock Room Access Integration

  • BookingCenter can now link to a ‘lock system’ (whether keyless, swipe, RFID, Wi-Fi, or Low Energy BlueTooth) to your Self Check-in process giving you the ability to deliver unique remote lock access to each guest. Learn more about our Remote Lock Integration. NOTE: For other e-Lock implementations, the Guest Services Module is needed. We have more detail on the Guest Services Module here.

Self Check-in Mobile and/or Kiosk Onsite and Online Payment Options

  • The Self Check-in process can now automate payments via policies you establish. The method for acquiring an authorization or payment requires either Traditional MyCard or EMV MyCard. Or, you can offer a mix of payment options, with some bookings paying via an EMV terminal (what we call 'EMV MyCard') while others manually manage credit cards (what we call 'Traditional MyCard').  

Contact us to get started with Mobile and/or Kiosk Self Check-in. Learn more about our Self Check-in System


  • NEW FEATURE - Booking Engine: You can now choose to display or hide your Hotel Name on the Booking Engine. This is useful if you have a logo which already states your property name and you want to avoid redundancy. To change the display setting, go to Booking Engine Settings
  • Owner Units - Automatic Booking Confirmation Email and/or SMS Letter: If you wish the Owner to be notified when an online booking occurs for the Owner's unit(s), you can now set a "Default Owners Letter". This letter will be sent to the Owner associated to a Booking Engine booking where the Owner record has the value 'Send letter' and/or "Send SMS" set to YES.  This Letter will go to the email and/or mobile on record for the Owner involved, based on whether there is a default Email or SMS Letter option chosen. NOTE: This requires the Owners Module has been purchased, as well as the booking has been allocated to a specific Room via the Auto Room Assignment area. Learn how to set up an Owner Default Letter
  • Agents - Automatic Booking Confirmation Email and/or SMS Letter: An Agent can be notified when an online booking occurs for a Unit when they make an online booking via the Agents Area using "Default Agents Letter".  This letter will be sent to the Agent associated to a Booking Engine booking where the Agent record has the value Send letter" and/or "Send SMS" set to YES.  This Letter will go to the email and/or mobile on record for the Agent involved, based on whether there is a default Email or SMS Letter option chosen.  Learn how to set up an Agent Default Letter
  • NEW Agent Functions: Agents are both traditional 'Travel Agents' and 'Channels' which distribute rooms at unique prices and/or allocations. This includes agents you setup like Travel Agents and Booking Agents like your Kiosk Agent. To learn how to add additional features to each agent go to MyAgents
  • NEW Letter Types: We have added new "letter types" to our Letters area for use with the Kiosk, Agent and Owners automatic Booking Confirmation Letters described above. Use these to create the Default Letters used for automatic booking confirmation Emails and SMS messages made at the Kiosk or for specific agents and owners.
  • New Merge Fields for Email and SMS Letters
    • Remote Access Lock code to Email and SMS letters
    • New Merge Field for link to eSign  Suppressed Rates Default Letter
    • Both Agents and Owner's Email and Mobile are now available for using a 'default' letter (email and/or SMS) to send automatically Booking Details.
  • Cancel Button in Owners Area: We have added the ability for an Owner to cancel a booking in the Owner Login Area, giving them complete control over the bookings made for their units. Learn More

We are pleased to announce that the following software bugs were fixed in this release:

  • Updated Booking log entries to include a booking dragged and dropped to a new room.
  • Fixed issue with OTA Booking Reconciliation Report not working when exported to Excel.

  • Fixed issue with Booking Engine Bookings importing with blank "Guaranteed By" at times and not auto-sending Confirmation Emails.

  • Fixed issue with "Check Back In"  on departure date displaying an ISE.

  • Fixed issue with Self Check-in, Esign="Required MyBookings and no Letters" not obeying setting.

  • Corrected issue with automated Self Check-in's on arrival date not opening a MyGuest Request.

  • Changed log to display user "mybookings" when an eSign and/or check-in Log was done via the Mobile and/or Kiosk self check-in process.

  • Fixed issue on Booking Engine with Multi-Room Booking of 4 or more Room Types only creating 3 Bookings.

  • Fixed issue with "Auth at Check-in" authorizing $1 for properties set without a default value.

  • Resolved issue with Firefox not rendering the Transaction Report.

  • Fixed Merge Field %%reservation-number-nights%% displaying an error when when the month has 31 days.

  • Corrected missing "Payment Policy" from Suppressed Rate and Non-Suppressed Rate bookings.

  • We had intermittent incorrect confirmation emails using the Legacy request Server (Booking Engine) for Multi-Room Booking (Not Showing -1W or -2W, etc).

  • Resolved issue with Firefox Browser giving error code for Images in the MyPMS/ Chanel Manager area.

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