MyPMS Folio - Top Help Articles
Posted by Jason Mispagel on 07 Dec 2013 09:10 AM

MyPMS Folio - Top Help Articles

This page highlights the Top Help Articles users have found to be most usefull when working with the MyPMS Folio Screen:

Knowledgebase Articles:

Room Rent wasn't posted, How do I manually charge Room Rent?

How do I Refund payments and Direct Bill postings to a folio? 

How do I transfer a payment between two bookings not in a group?

How do I remove an incorrectly applied payment to a Credit Card?

Manually Dating Items / Charges to a Folio

Managing Gift Certificates

User Manual Articles:

MyPMS User Manual (Folio) 

 MyCard Video Tutorials (The MyCard Module allows Automated Credit Card Payments to your Merchant Account) :

MyCard Series- Video Playlist

Folio Video Tutorials:


Related Articles:

Manage Credit Cards Screen Behavior - void and modify auths, settle, and Delete.

How do I release / void an authorization?

Why some authorizations can be voided or incrementally adjusted, and others can not be?
Understanding the Accounts Receivables (AR) and Direct Bill System

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