Manage Rates: change existing rates
Posted by - NA - on 09 Jan 2008 03:48 PM

To edit an existing rate, go to SETUP| RATES | MANAGE RATES and then select the rate from the drop-down menu.

Click the Edit button. You will see a screen with the current rates within a date range. Choose the date range you wish to change and edit accordingly.

Daily Rates:

  • X Number of Guests Included: This is how many guests included in a Per Person rate. This value is ignored on Flat Rates.
  • First x Guests: This is the daily rate for the number of included guests in this rate.
  • Extra Adults: The amount you will charge for additional adults
  • Children: The amount you charge per additional child.
  • Infants: The amount you charge per additional infant.

Once this table is correct, press submit and you will be returned to the Rate Plan page. Continue this process for all seasons you would like the rate available

Weekly Rates:
BookingCenter has a feature that allows one to make a weekly rates a different daily price than a 'daily' rate. For example, if one has a $100 price for Tuesday when booking for less than 7 days, it might be sold for $90 on Tuesday when booking for a week (stay of equal to or greater than 7 days). When rates are setup, customers often decide to 'skip' placing in weekly rates, then you notice that BookingCenter will return a $0 price when the query is for a week or longer. Thus, skipping the weekly rates is not a good idea. If you have no difference between daily and weekly prices, then simply place the same value in the the daily field for both the 'Daily Rates' section and the 'Weekly Rates' sections.


  • Minimum LOS: Minimum length of stay, this is the minimum number of nights that a reservation must be for in order to have this rate applicable. Generally this is used on the lowest rates.
  • Maximum LOS: Maximum length of stay, this is the maximum number nights a reservation may be for. This is generally only useful if you wish to avoid stays longer than 30 days, which alter lodging rules in many jurisdictions.
  • Closed to Arrival - this would mean that a booking using this rate could not arrive on the specific weekday. There are 7 entries here (starting with Sunday) and a 'Y' means it is closed, a 'N' means it is not closed. So, if a rate could not arrive on Mondays and Wednesdays, the code would be NYNYNNN.

    Notice that both 'Parent' and 'Child rates' can be edited via the Manage Rates when clicking the 'Manage Restrictions' box, which ignores rate changes while editing 'Restrictions' (MinLOS, MaxLOS, Closed, etc). Edits for rate values should be done in the Parent rate and the Child rate alters automatically, as associated.  Read more here.

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