Rates: Set Daily and Weekly Rates
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 22 Jan 2011 05:28 PM

Customers often wish to understand daily and weekly rates come out different at times. The answer is usually because the Weekly rates are set differently than Daily rates.

To learn, use the Manage Rates ( and pull up any rate in question. Then, choose the drop down for the week (or multiple weeks) for the time period in question. Now, look at the 2 sectons - at top is Rate Plan and in the middle is 'Weekly Rates'.

BookingCenter has a feature that allows one to make a weekly rates a different daily price than a 'daily' rate. For example, if one has a $100 price for Tuesday when booking for less than 7 days, it might be sold for $90 on Tuesday when booking for a week (stay of equal to or greater than 7 days).

When rates are setup, customers often decide to 'skip' placing in weekly rates, then you notice that BookingCenter will return a $0 price when the query is for a week or longer. Thus, skipping the weekly rates is not a good idea.

If you have no difference between daily and weekly prices, then simply place the same value in the the daily field for both the 'Rate Plan' section and the 'Weekly Rates' section

Once rates are set, editing them is easy, but you want to go slow so as not to make a mistake. Use the Rate Grid ( for READING what the rates are now, and the Manage Rates screen for actually CHANGING any values. If you only wanted to set weekly rates for each day of the year, but not alter the " Rate Plan" or "Restrictions" already set for the year, then choose the rate, select the "Begin Date" to be today and the "Begin Date" to be, a year from now and then make sure to UN-CHECK all the 'save' boxes except the one for 'weekly rates'. This would save the changes for the weekly rate values for the year but leave the other values already (such as children price or minimum stay restrictions) alone - no changes would be made if the 'Save' box is not checked on the left side of the rows.

If there are still questions about this, please refer to the MyPMS Reference Manual (download from: on the section Setup | Availability and Rates | Manage Rates for more examples and assistance with setting and saving rates.

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