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Desktop PMS - Print or Export (csv) Guest List
Posted by - NA - on 09 Jan 2008 03:33 PM

How can I run a Guest Marketing campaign with BookingCenter desktop?

  • BookingCenter Pro desktop has some powerful Guest Marketing capabilities already built into the software. Marketing to repeat guests is smart and easy way to bring back repeat business.

  • The guest database can be sorted by a variety of parameters, including contact's details and address data such as area code, state, city, zip code.

  • You can also chose to sort by history, and by searching the notes fields. This resulting list can then be filtered, for example to remove any contacts with no email address.

For complete details on running your own Guest Marketing Campaign, see the BookingCenter Reference Manual in Chapter 3. Here you will find out how to use various options for sending, including printing out paper letters and address labels, or sending as email.

Print or export (.csv file) Guest List

BookingCenter works well for emailing smaller lists or a large guest database. However, some ISPs will block multiple (100's or more) email messages with the same subject line, as it could be interpreted as SPAM. In this case you can easily export the guest database as a CSV file (or saved as an Excel file). The CSV file can then be imported into the email tool of your choice for greater flexibility.

To Print or export guest information:

  • Go to Guest Marketing and do a quick search but don't select any info, just search all and the results will be all guests.
  • Once the list is on the screen click on the print button.
  • Print a detail report to file and click "OK".
  • Now you should get a save print file dialog screen to choose where you want to save the file. If not, the file will be saved to the default folder on your computer when saving documents.
  • The file saved is called "Print File" by default. It is a .prn file (a printer file). Find the file and change the extension to CSV and it will open with Excel correctly.
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