User Roles: System Access and Reports
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 17 Dec 2011 08:39 PM

There is an easy way to restrict access to Setup and Reports by UserA User Role provides specific access to Reports and Setup Functions. 

In your MyPMS, go to Setup|Users, then either click on the name of an existing User and choose a Role from the drop-down menu. Or, assign the Role when adding a new user.

User dependent restrictions:

  • Allow manual entry of Rates: Allows user to manually change a Rate. 
  • Allow Overbooking: This allows the user  to book beyond your current availability. Recommended setting is "No"
  • IP filtering: Restricts login access to property IP address. This is property dependent. Recommended setting is "No" until your IP ranges have been set in the system. For more details see: Setting IP filtering access restrictions to users

System restrictions by User Role:

  • Manager: Full access to all Setup functions and Reports.
  • Sr. Night Auditor: No access to Setup. Full access to all columns of Reports.
  • Night Auditor: No access to Setup. Access to only first 4 columns of Reports.
  • Front desk: No access to Night Audit or Setup. Access to only the first 3 columns of Reports.
  • Housekeeper: Access only to the Housekeeping section, Daily, and Housekeeping Reports.

For more information on Reports, go to: What reports can I run in MyPMS?

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