Setting IP Filtering Access Restrictions to Users
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Setting IP Filtering Access Restrictions to Users

MyPMS uses IP Filtering to enable and disable users from accessing the system. For properties desiring to limit access to the system to a specific range of ip addresses (i.e. the corporate network) we have provided IP Filtering, which is set per User (Setup | PMS | Users)

Within the IP Filtering tab you will find IP Ranges (blank by default) and an add button. Adding IP addresses enables IP filtering. IP Filtering works on a two process approach. First by adding IP ranges you enable IP Filtering for use. Secondly IP Filtering to applied on a per user basis to be limited by this filter is done under Users | Enable IP. This provides the property flexibility in allowing or restricting access as defined by their local security policy.

IP Addresses must be entered in the form of a range (start / end address). If you are entering only a single address, enter it as both the start and end address. Only public (WAN) IP Addresses can be entered in this field, private (LAN/NAT) addresses (i.e. 192.168.1.x, 10.10.1.x etc) cannot be used. It is also recommended only to enter Static WAN IP addresses, as while a Dynamic WAN address can be used, users will find themselves unable to log in when the address changes from the properties ISP.

BookingCenter cannot provide end user support in designing, implementing or supporting a properties network in relation to utilizing the IP Filtering feature. We recommend consulting a networking professional before utilizing this option.


See the MyPMS documentation for further details on this subject:

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