Locked Users - How to Unlock Them and Avoid Getting Locked Out
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 26 Sep 2010 06:31 PM

Locked Users - How to Unlock Them and Avoid Getting Locked Out

Any user will become 'locked' out from MyPMS if 3 unsuccessful logins with a known ID occurs within 3 minutes. We do this to prevent fraud for our customers.

When a user ID is 'locked out' there are 2 ways to get them back in:

1) Anyone with access to the 'Setup' area (Setup | PMS | Users) will have to login, choose the user (it will show Locked Out? YES) and click the button 'UNLOCK' and this will allow 3 more tries before becoming unsuccessful.

2) The User can unlock themself.  There are two options on the 'login' page for the User to choose:

  1. User can request MyPMS to send an email to the email address on file for the User and this email has a link that 'Unlocks' the user to try again.
  2. User can click to one of their Challenge Questions, answer it successfully, and that 'Unlocks' the user to try again.

If your users have problem with their user ID/password, and keep getting locked out, it is recommended that someone with Manager level access alter their password to one which the user(s) can recall easier.  Neither BookingCenter staff nor a manager can actually view a password, but a manager can save a new password for the user by going to Front Desk | Setup | PMS | Users, choosing the user and saving a new password in the password field.

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