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Online Bookings: Update property's information (rooms, rates, policy, marketing information, images, etc)?
Posted by Ryan Timms on 23 May 2010 09:40 PM

What am I supposed to do when I update my property’s information (rooms, rates, policy, marketing information, images, etc)?

The Global Booking Network has a 'real time' link to BookingCenter with respect to your rates and availability calendar. Unfortunately, this is not always the case for all of your policy and marketing information in all sites. If your marketing and policy information needs to be changed or updated within the Global Booking Network, it sometimes requires manual intervention by us with our GDS and OTA partners.

When you change marketing information about your property (such as Amenities, Activities, Policies, Rooms, and Room Types) – it will update all sites you are listed on through BookingCenter that a change has occurred. However, not all OTA (Online Travel Agencies) will automatically update. They sometimes need to be told to refresh their content and they have 'editors' who review changes to make sure it is both accurate and relevant.

Because marketing information is 'dynamic' and should change, we always recommend looking over your current setup - especially Amenities, Activities, Activities, and Images - once again to make sure they best reflect your property. Once you have updated all the 'content' for your property, please follow the approach below:

  • View the info in your Setup/Members Area at: (Desktop and Management Tool customers or for MyPMS customers). While here, make sure the "Activities, Attractions, Amenities, and Type Amenities" are all correct.
  • Then give 48 hours for a travel site to accept these updates so that the change has been given time to update.
  • If there is no change and the travel site is either listing wrong or missing information, then Login to the Support Area at Here, you can 'Submit a HelpDesk Ticket' to our support staff with details. Please include the website that is listing old or improper data (not matching what you have placed in BookingCenter) and we will work to ensure that the information is correctly updated with our Distribution partners.
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