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Locked out after I change the Lock Code from one of my networked Mac or PCs
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 12 Jan 2010 07:42 PM

Locked out after I change the Lock Code from one of my networked Mac or PCs

When a Desktop user purchases two user licenses, they receive 2 Serial Numbers. These numbers are to be entered onto each PC/Mac the Desktop is running, only one per. We have had a situation where a user also has two different Lock Codes (even a 1 character subtle difference) written on an old order form, and thought they needed to enter each one, a different Lock Code from each PC/Mac - and did so a few times.

A Lock Code is meant for only one BookingCenter datafile and to be entered only one time into a datafile. If you have entered multiple different Lock Codes into your datafile and now are receiving a Lock when trying to connect my multiple PCs/Macs, then your datafile is likely corrupt and you will need to fix it. Here is how:

Step 1
Have all users exit BookingCenter except the one copy you will use. Go to the Utilities section (Parameters | Utilities). The name required to access it is ‘precious'.

BEFORE YOU PROGRESS TO REPAIRING YOUR BookingCenter DATAFILE - MAKE A BACKUP and store it somewhere safe!!

Go to Check Datafile choose Re Index and let BookingCenter repair any irregularities.

Once completed, you will be presented with a screen that explains that the datafile was examined successfully. Close this screen, choose "Login" from the FILE menu, and the problem should be fixed.

Enter a Lock Code only one time into your datafile and all will be well.
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