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Setting up ODB for Macintosh OS X and Windows Networks
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 14 Jul 2008 02:46 PM

Setting up ODB for Macintosh OS X and Windows Networks

Macintosh OSX networks REQUIRE the use of the ODB (Omnis DataBridge) as explained at: Mac OS7, 8, or 9 users do not need ODB, and instructions for networking are found at:

Windows users can OPTIONALLY choose to use ODB or not. The decision will rest on the confidence and integrity of your Client <--> Server network. If your network is using wired Ethernet (as opposed to wireless); the PCs all have good network cards; the Server is a good PC with good hard drives, then the Windows OS will provide a stable read/write support for the file server and no ODB is required. Instructions for networking Windows PCs without ODB are found at:

If you choose to install ODB under Windows, we recommend working with a network administrator to establish your network, as sharing and assigning IP addresses on a Windows network requires more skill than many hospitality people possess. If any of the above conditions are NOT present on your Windows network (such as PCs connecting to each other via wireless), then BookingCenter highly recommends installing the ODB for Windows on the Server. However, BookingCenter will not setup your ODB network for you. This work must be done by a qualified network administrator. Even if you have a current Support Contract, it is outside the expertise of BookingCenter Support staff to configure an ODB network unless an on-site training and installation contract is purchased. Don't worry, though! We have provided clear and complete instructions and an average user with PC networking skills should be able to accomplish the ODB setup in about 30 minutes. Instructions for networking your Windows Desktop using ODB clients are at:

The ODB Instructions are attached to this KNowledgeBase article and can be downloaded by clicking below. The file is a .PDF type called 'ODB.pdf".

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