I am getting duplicate or missing receipts, how do I fix this?
Posted by Dave Martin on 29 May 2008 03:56 PM

I am getting duplicate or missing receipts, how do I fix this?

There are time when you might get duplicate or missing receipts, or a receipt that was issued is not allocating to the Booking Detail properly.

We recommend the following if this is happening:

1. Run Parameters/Utilities to optimize your datafile. This can be done by entering the password 'precious' into the utilities screen. Click 'Check Datafile' followed by 'Full Check' followed by 'Re Index All', as well as 'Check Tax and Charges'.

2. When settling transactions, make sure the transactions are settled successfully before closing the receipts window.

3. Receipts in BookingCenter can not be edited once completed - this is to preserve the accounting system and maintain proper financial control. If a mistake has happened with a receipt, and it didn't update the Booking cost properly, it may be best to DELETE the offending receipt from the Receipt menu (click in the upper left of the window) and re-issue a new receipt. For users of the Point of Sale solution, a credit card receipt that has not been completed can still be cancelled and then the card can be swiped or processed once again. See https://support.bookingcenter.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/244 for info on how to process a transaction 'off line' that was already settled to a card holder.

Always make sure you are on the latest version of BookingCenter. Updates can be downloaded at http://support.bookingcenter.com

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