Credit Card Receipts for Offline Receipts Types (when you can't get an Authorization)
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 24 Feb 2010 09:34 PM

Credit Card Receipts for Offline Receipts Types (when you can't get an Authorization)

There are times when you may not be able to get a 'Transaction Settled Successfully' from a credit card receipt when using the Desktop Pro with the POS Module.

When this happens, if you can login to your Authorizenet gateway directly (their ‘Virtual terminal’) or your local credit card terminal (if you have one) to process your credit card transactions.  This way, the monies will get settled immediately and you can go back to the Desktop and enter the receipts later, when the problem is solved.  This way, you are continuing business while only using the PMS to record the Recipts that were taken outside of the PMS.

How to do process the receipt later, after your processed the credit via AuthorizeNet or your local credit card terminal, without double billing the customer’s credit card?

Simply go to Parameters | Inventory System | Register and make sure that you have a Register that says "Current" (in red) for the BookingCenter computer you are trying to authorize credit cards into.

If no Register is set as "Current" then follow the instructions at:

When you have the register marked ‘current’ for this particular computer, click EDIT and uncheck ‘Use Online Authorization’.

Process all receipts for Visa, Mastercard, etc on this computer that you had previously done via your Authorizenet gateway directly. Notice that none of these receipts attempt to process online in BookingCenter – you are entering them without connecting anywhere to authorize the credit cards, but recoding them to the bookings.

Once your internet (or utilities, or whatever solution you follow that gets the BookingCenter to properly ‘Use Online Authorization' again) has been restored - and you can get the ‘Transaction settled successful’ message again - then turn on ‘Use Online Authorization’ for that register and begin using the computer as a credit card terminal again.

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