How can I export my financial transactions to QuickBooks or M.Y.O.B ?
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How can I export my financial transactions to QuickBooks, AccountEdge, Sage, or M.Y.O.B ?

BookingCenter Desktop PMS and MyPMS handle interfacing to G/L systems differently.

Since the Desktop Pro is an older product (begun in 1993 and developed continuously since then), it has legacy interface support for interfacing to specific products such as QuickBooks, Sage, Peachtree, and AccuntEdge/MYOB. These systems all required custom export files to get data into their G/L environments and we supported them throughout the 20th century.

With the launch of MyPMS in the 21st century (2001), the various products had evolved to accept either a standard Excel (.xls or .xml) file or a comma separate value (.csv) file for importing. MyPMS exports all of our reports in both Excel (.xls) and comma separated value (.csv) files. The G/L products of today allow the user to customize the rows and columns of the 'source file' (that which is exported from BookingCenter) and import to the 'target' (your G/L system) transaction detail and/or transaction summary data.

  • Information for interfacing to your G/L using MyPMS is found here.
  • Information for interfacing to your G/L using the Desktop PMS is summarized below and contained in the .pdf document here.

The Desktop software allows you to export Tax and Accounting financial transactions from BookingCenter for import into QuickBooks or M.Y.O.B. Bookkeeping systems. To learn more about how it does this, download a Microsoft Word document (.doc) that contains our recommended setup instructions and help working with QuickBooks and M.Y.O.B.

**Note regarding Version 5 Upgrade for Desktop customers: BookingCenter changed how the G/L export to QuickBooks and M.Y.O.B. Occurs in Version 5. Advanced Deposits revenue used to post completely to Booking Revenue at CHECKOUT. In Version 5, however, we altered this technique to post the Booking Revenue from Advanced Deposits to occur at CHECK IN. We did this based on a number of customer requests, who wanted to 'book' revenue at the time the Guest shows up and checked in.

However, Version 5 also brought an entirely new way of managing daily revenue if you are NOT using the automated G/L interface. When using BookingCenter to track ( ie, report on revenue and transactions) you may use the daily realized revenue and guest ledger approach outlined and documented in the Reference Manual to get a day-by-day account of 'revenue' vs 'advanced deposits'.

In summary, if you use BookingCenter's reports, you need to know when revenue is 'realized' for reports. If you use the automated G/L positing to QuickBooks, MYOB, or Sage, you need to know when BookingCenter actually triggered those postings to the G/L.

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