Reports: What Reports does BookingCenter Desktop provide?
Posted by - NA - on 10 Jan 2008 11:13 AM

BookingCenter is a modern ODBC-compliant database system that offers a complete range of built-in Reports.

Literally hundreds of reports can be run, saved to file (for importing or using into other applications), printed, emailed, or faxed. We have provided examples below of some of the most commonly-used management reports.

See Desktop Reports

Among the reports found in BookingCenter:

* Daily Reports
* Manager's Report
* Occupancy Reports
* Average Daily Rates (ADR)
* Revenue Per Available Room (RevPar)
* Check Ins
* Check Outs
* Rooms Cleaned/Needs Cleaning
* Booking by Rooms and Rom Types
* Booking Reminders
* Booking Confirmations
* Booking Follow Ups
* Availability
* Guest Management
* Email Individual or Groups
* Mailing labels
* Booking Histories
* Letters
* Financial Reports
* Tax Reporting
* Items sold
* Items Needed on a Daily Basis
* Owners Report for Rental Mngt Companies
* Global Booking Network Booking Analysis (Website vs Consumer Sites vs GDS bookings)
* Booking Revenue
* Agent commission analysis
* Exporting to M.Y.O.B and QuickBooks General Ledger
* Accounts
* Cash drawer reports by Receipt Type and drawer
* Receipts by Personnel
* Shift Report
* Custom Reporting capabilities
* Support for 3rd-party reporting applications

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