Commission Statements and Fees- All Billing Details Documented Here
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 09 Jan 2008 05:54 PM

Commission Statements and Fees-  All Billing Details Documented Here

A Commission Statement is your itemized bill for check-outs from the month prior.  This is the amount your property will be billed for commissions.  (Keep in mind, commissions are NOT included in your monthly service invoices and will be billed in a separate invoice.)


When are Commissions Billed?

Commission fees are billed out the month AFTER the bookings have checked out.  The commission structure is based upon your property's contract with BookingCenter.  


How Will I Receive a Commission/Transaction Statement?  

On or about the 5th of every month, you will receive a detailed Commission Statement by email that breaks down the previous month's reservations by guest name.  Please note this is the only time you will receive an itemized list from BookingCenter.  If you are not seeing the Commission Statement come through your email inbox, check your spam.  If it is still not there, please contact our Billing Dept at  and update the email you would like the Commission Statements to be sent to.  


If you have access to the Setup Area (MyPMS - or the Members Area (Desktop and Channel Manager products - then you can view in 'real time' the fees that will be owed for any bookings through commissionable or transaction channels.   Just click the 'Network Commissions' report, choose the month desired, and click FETCH and a detailed report listing each booking that has any economic liability will appear.  This is the same report that gets auto-emailed each month, but you can use it in 'real time' to track what will be owed as well as what was owed from past month's checkouts.


How are Commissions Calculated?

All commissions are calculated before tax on the total booking cost.  If the booking was MODIFIED and/or CANCELLED in your BookingCenter Property Management System prior to the statement going out, those changes are automatically reflected on your Commission Statement.  The Commission Statement is generated directly from your PMS.  


How Do I Find My Commission Settings?

If you do not recall how much your commission are figured for each agent, go to the Agent Relationships in your Property Management System.  BC reflects bookings that are coming through your website.  WR reflects bookings coming through the GDS.  OTA Contract Rates each have their own agent (BKGDIR, EQR, LDC, TW1 are just a few examples).  When you receive your Commission Statement go ahead and verify that the agents are being figured correctly.  If you see any commissions billed incorrectly, feel free to email and they will be able to double check the system settings and make corrections if necessary.  


What If I have Changes to the Commission Statement?

If you have any reconciliations to the commission statement, please follow the directions on the top of the Commission Statement.  You may either email ( or fax (718-228-5959) your changes to the Billing Dept.   

Keep in mind, if you are cancelling a GDS or OTA booking, there is a out-of-channel cancellation fee of $10.  

Please let us know no later than the 15th of this month if any changes need to be made. After the 15th, these reservations are considered confirmed and valid. 


How do I Reconcile Reservations within the PMS System?

The booking fees can be reconciled in one of two ways:

  1. If you use one of our Property Management Systems, simply check in and check out the booking according to the guest’s stay, as this automatically reconciles any fees.
  2. If you use our Management Tool, simply log into the Member’s Area and choose MAKE ADJUSTMENT on the booking to reconcile the actual cost.
    1. If the cost of the actual stayed booking is LESS than the amount booked, place a - in the amount field, add a note (if desired), and click CONFIRM. 

      For example, if a booking was booked at $500 and the guest never showed, then place a -500, a note for your records, and then CONFIRM. The obligation for that commission will be gone, as the amount was reconciled to $0.

    2. If the cost of the actual stayed booking was GREATER than the amount, input the amount greater as a positive number. 

      For example, if a booking was booked at $500 and the guest stayed an extra day at an extra $150, then place a 150 in the amount field, a note for your records, and then CONFIRM. The obligation for that commission will now be on a $650 booking, as the amount was reconciled to an extra $150.


Is the Commission Statement an Actual Account Bill?

Your Commission Statement is simply a line item list for all guests who checked out the month prior.  The Billing Dept. will then take this figure and generate an invoice or sales receipt with one line item "Commissions for ________ (month/year)".  The guest names will not be itemized on this list.  To pay online, you will need to receive this actual invoice to do so (not the commission statement).  

If you are not receiving the actual invoice or sales receipt to your email, please contact  You can also call 707-874-3922 x206.  

Any Further Questions:

Please contact the Billing Dept. at 707-874-3922 x206 or  

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