Rates: How do I add Rates?
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Click Add to enter a new Rate. Each Rate will have an ID and a Description. IDs cannot contain spaces or symbols (Letters and Numbers Only) and should be in CAPS.

Rates are either Per Person, or Flat Rate.
1. Per Person Rates are a set price for the first X Guests (under Number of Guests) plus an Extra Guest rate for each additional person up to the Room Capacity. The Extra Person rates are for Adults, Children and Infants (default labels).
2. If you have differential pricing for Children and Infants, then add that pricing now for each Rate.
3. If you have a single rate for all guests, then go to General Settings and select no children allowed and no infants allowed. Then, go to Booking Engine Settings and change the label Adults to Guests.

Flat Rates are a fixed price for any number of guests up to the Room Capacity. If Flat Rate is selected, please enter the room capacity in First X Guests and ignore Extra Guests, Children and Infants.

 Adult stands for first X adults if it is a Per person rate (known as an occupancy rate) or total per day if it is a flat rate plan.

There are 3 values that determine the value of a booking based on the length and days selected.
All are set as per day rates.
1. Day Rate for mid-week daily prices.
2. Week long stay rates used for bookings over 6 or 7 days (weekly).
3. Weekend Rate for weekend days (select weekend days in General Settings).
* When Mid-week and Weekend pricing are equal, enter the same rate for Daily and Weekend.
* Divide Weekly Rates by 7, i.e., $1400 per week becomes $200. Many Weekly rates require rounding to set Weekly Rates, i.e., $1000 per week becomes $142.857
*If you do not have long stay rates, tick the box for 'Use weekend prices even during weekly or extended stays' in General Settings
*Weekend days can be Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Select days in General Settings.

Once this is correct, press SAVE and you will be returned to the Default Rate page. Once done, go to the Manage Rates screen to edit any values for time periods differing from the 'default' values placed above.

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