REPORTS | Revenue and Occupancy Reports Might Not Match Identically
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 09 Sep 2013 03:57 PM

There are times when the reality of a Night Audit managed system might have discrepencies in Revenue and Occupancy reports. This document seeks to shed light on some common occurrences.

Occupancy and Revenue are different reporting paradigms and not intended to be equal at all times. Revenue is RENT posted to a folio during a specific time frame. Occupancy is rooms occupied.

If a room was occupied, but RENT was not post on a date, then there will be a difference in the numbers. If a zero RENT is posted (such as a 'comp' room rate) it will also add to number of nights. If your numbers aren't identical, do a spot check of a small number of day(s) and the likely culprit will be found.

Because the Revenue report only reports on ACTIVE or COMPLETE status bookings between the reported time frame (ie, status CONFIRMED, CANCELLED, or UNCONFIRMED are ignored) and is seeking the Inventory Item: RENT posted on folios, there may be times when RENT was posted twice (or more or not at all) on a given System Date due to errors in hotel operations - such as posting manually 3 RENT charges on a single day. This would therefore show that the single day had more 'revenue' than an Occupancy report would show.

Remember, the Revenue Report is based on the date of room RENT posting. Occupancy is rooms occupied on a given date.

For details, see Revenue Report and Occupancy Report

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