Packages: Restriction Warning and Projected Income for Dynamic and Fixed Packages
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 12 Jun 2013 06:33 PM

When a user books a Package rate - either in MyPMS or online via the Booking Engine - there is a Restriction message that highlights when a restriction, such as a Minimum or Maximum Stay or Closed to Arrival, is present for the booking.

When the Package being booked is a FIXED Package (see: for more details on Fixed and Dynamic Packages) the Minimum or Maximum Stay set for the Package will display the Restriction message to the user.

However, when the Package being booked is a DYNAMIC Package, because rate details are taken from the Parent rate, the Restriction message is also taken from the Parent Rate. Thus, for Dynamic Packages, the Parent Rate must have the Minimum or Maximum Stay or Closed to Arrival set for the WARNING to present the Restriction message.

When a user wishes to view the Projected Cost of the Package (ie, the total cost of the Room portion plus the Items inside the Package) the Projected Income on the New Booking window is the place to look for this value. Also, note that there is a calculator next to this number, so that a user can add and remove Items to quote a potential customer the total price of a Package as well as the addition/removal of Items.  Because MyPMS allows different rates and/or Packages to be sold for each day of a stay, a user can select a variation of Package(s) and still quote accurately before saving the booking.

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