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Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 12 Jun 2013 10:55 AM

How to determine what source generated a booking:  Website, GDS Network, OTA Contract Rate, Negotiated Rate, In-house Promotions?

Because bookings come from BookingCenter form numerous places, it can be hard to differentiate between different types of bookings based on the Booking ID.  However, each Booking ID will be attached to an Agent code, which will tell you exactly where the booking originated from.  

To view which Agents are available to your Property you can view this list in your software.

  • If using MyPMS or the Management Tool:  Set-Up-> Relationships -> Agent Relationships. 
  • f using the Desktop:  Member's Area -> Relationships -> Agent Relationships.  

The Agent list has Agent IDs next to each which will correspond to the Booking Information in the Booking Details of a reservation.   

If looking at BookingDetails, you are looking for the Travel Agent information, or if you are in the Member's Area you will see the Agent column.  

Here are some common Agent IDs you will see:

1.  An 8 digit numeric code denotes the IATA number (International Association of Travel Agents).  This IATA number represents any travel agent or Online Travel Agent (OTA) website that has booked your property through the GDS that is NOT an OTA Contract booking.  Click on the Agent IATA number and you will see the Agent Details.  

2.  A three or four alpha numeric code will represent an OTA Contract Rate booking.  (i.e. EQR, BKG, TW1)

3.  BC/BUT denotes a booking from your own property's website.

4.  Your own promotional code that you created in your software for an inhouse promotion.  

 Why is Knowing the Agent Information Important?

1.  If an online booking cancels with the property but not with the OTA where the website originated from, you are liable for a $10 out-of-channel cancellation fee.  When a guest calls to cancel, this Agent ID allows you to check the point of origin and let the guest know that the reservation is not cancelled until they contact the OTA directly.  (This is also the point where you want to make sure you have a cancellation policy in place and that you let them know that the cancellation policy is still applicable until you receive the cancellation directly from the OTA.)

2.  All commissions owed to BookingCenter are based on the Agent ID that the booking is attached to.  In order to check that all your commissions are correct, use this Agent ID to determine what commission fee structure the booking falls under.   

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