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To get to the Rates Screen, go to Setup | Rates Tab | Default Rates.

To add a new rate, press the Add button at the bottom right of the page. This will take you to the next page where you define the rate plan.

At this page you can add a Single Rate, a Rate Group, or a Child Rate. Note:  Only enter a Child Rate if the Parent has already been entered.

Parent: A Parent rate will control the dollar values of any associated Child rates. For instance, if you are working on the 10% discount rate, select the Rack rate as Parent (or whichever rate the discount is based on) and 'Adjust By' -10. Every time the Rack rate is adjusted (Parent rate), the 10% discount (Child Rate) will be updated to reflect exactly 10% less than the Rack rate. Additional person charges are not calculated this way and remain static at the parent rates values. This can be a very useful tool and instead of managing 20 or more rates, by setting parent rates you can manage only a few and have the changes propagate throughout your rate plans. The 'Adjust By' field can be used to discount the rate (entered as a negative number) or increase the rate (entered as a positive number).  For example -10 provides a 10% discount, while 10 increase the rate by 10%.

  • ID: The CRS code is more restrictive and the rules to use will be based on your distribution channels, but generally they must be all upper case with no symbols, only alphanumeric characters (no commas, hyphens, etc.).
  • Group: This is the name of a Group of rates you would use for your various Room Type(s) and used most often for organizations purposes as well as for Group Bookings, allocating a Group of rates to a Group Booking.
  • Description: You may use any characters you like, though for display purposes we recommend keeping the complete name to fewer than eight characters (or as small as is reasonable for your property).
  • Rate Type: Rates are either Per Person, or Flat Rate.
    • Per Person Rates are a set price for the first X Guests (under Number of Guests) plus an Extra Guest rate for each additional person up to the Room Capacity. The Extra Person rates are for Adults, Children and Infants (default labels).
      • If you have differential pricing for Children and Infants, then add that pricing now for each Rate.
      • If you have a single rate for all guests, then go to General Settings and select no children allowed and no infants allowed. Then, go to Booking Engine Settings and change the label Adults to Guests.
    • Flat Rates are a fixed price for any number of guests up to the Room Capacity. If Flat Rate is selected, please enter the room capacity in First X Guests and ignore Extra Guests, Children and Infants.
      If Per Person rates are desired, then Adult stands for first X adults (known as an occupancy rate) or total per day if it is a flat rate plan.
  • Minimum LOS: Minimum length of stay, this is the minimum number of nights that a reservation must be for in order to have this rate applicable. Generally this is used on the lowest rates.
  • Maximum LOS: Maximum length of stay, this is the maximum number nights a reservation may be for. This is generally only useful if you wish to avoid stays longer than 30 days, which alter lodging rules in many jurisdictions.
  • Closed to Arrival - this would mean that a booking using this rate could not arrive on the specific weekday. There are 7 entries here (starting with Sunday) and a 'Y' means it is closed, a 'N' means it is not closed. So, if a rate could not arrive on Mondays and Wednesdays, the code would be NYNYNNN.
  • Adult Day: This would be the rate for the "Number of Guests:" set for the rate.
  • Extra Day: The amount you will charge for additional adults
  • Child Day: The amount you charge per additional child.
  • Infant Day: The amount you charge per additional infant.

    Once you have checked that all of the information is correct, press SAVE and you will be returned to the Default Rate page. Once the Rate has been created, go to the Manage Rates screen to edit any Rates for time periods in the future, differing from the 'default' values placed above.
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