Reports: Daily Transactions and Credit Card Deposit Matching
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 08 May 2013 08:14 PM

Detail on every Income ('charges') and Payment categories are listed on the Transactions Report by the System Date on which the Charge or Payment was posted to a Folio.

If there are specific sub-category totals you wish to focus on, use the drop-down menu "Transaction Category" to get a detailed list of transactions within that sub-category.

Our favorite daily report, when looking to get a report for all Income - and how it was paid - is the Manager's Report. Notice the section at top of the Manager's Report called "Folio Charges / Income". This summarizes the groups of Income and Payments then provides a Total at the bottom. That is the daily total. The 'Payments' section is how monies/debt payments were received.

If further detail is needed on any Income or Payment category, then use the Transactions Report and select the drop-down menu "Transaction Category" and use the same date to get a detailed list of transactions for all folios that made up the 'Income' and 'Payments' reported by the Manager's Report.

If you are trying to match the credit card deposit reports from your bank, you must be patient. Credit cards settle to a checking account 24-48 hrs after the batch is submitted, so watch for the totals deposited to your bank account (for example, from American Express, Visa/Mastercard, Discover, etc) to match the summary of each sub-category in the Transactions Report - with the 24-48 hrs delay in settlement accounted for.

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