Reports: How can I get a Total Revenue/Income Report for a Day?
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 08 May 2013 01:45 PM

To get a report for all Income generated for a specific day, use the Manager's Report.

Notice the section at top called "Folio Charges / Income". This summarizes the categories of revenue and then provides a Total at the bottom. That is the total daily Income.

If further detail is needed on any Income category, then use the Transactions Report and select the drop-down menu "Transaction Category" and use the same date to get a detailed list of transactions for all folios that made up the 'Income' reported by the Manager's Report.

Additonally, each day an email is sent (to one or two emails specified by the property) with a summary of Night Audit charges with Guest names, Room numbers, and Amount posted for the Night Audit Rent.

Attached to this article is a sample Manager's Report and also the email sent to a property as part of Night Audit.

 manager_report_sample.pdf (64.26 KB)
 night_audit_folios_emails.pdf (28.42 KB)
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