Managing Images for Room Types, Packages, Items, and the Property
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 30 Apr 2013 09:26 AM

Each image that is stored in either JPG or PNG format saved in 72 dpi as RGB files.

There are two general image sizes you should use:

  • Normal Images: 300 x 300 min - 480 x 480 max. Meaning an image somewhere between this size range will work for the OTA and GDS sites of the Global Booking Networks
  • Thumbnail Images - 110 x 110 max dimensions. These Thumbnail images are used as small representations of larger images and should be used for all Room Types.

If you have trouble re-sizing your images to these recommended sizes, please attach them to a Ticket in the Support Area ( How to do this?  Create a new Help Desk Ticket in the Support Area ( and notice on the ticket there is an area called "Attachment" with a button next to it titled 'Choose File'. Click that button and navigate to the image file(s) you made on your Mac or PC and click 'Choose' once you have found it and then 'Submit'. This will attach the file(s) to the ticket, the Support department will be notified,  and we can then view the image and associate it with the proper place (Room Type, Item, Package, etc)

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