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Bookings: Cancelled Booking With a Cancellation Number of: INCOMPLETE
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 27 Mar 2013 09:41 PM

When customers use our Payment Gateways ( to charge a deposit via credit card, there are times when the card submitted cannot obtain an authorization. This is usually due to insufficient funds or security holds, but there are other reasons why credit cards may be declined.

BookingCenter gives the Guest 30 minutes to try and find an appropriate credit to complete their booking. In order to do this, we temporarily 'save' the booking. If no authorization is received within 30 minutes, then the booking gets cancelled and the Cancellation Number gets stored as: INCOMPLETE.

This way the property has a record of the booking attempt.

However, the Guest never receives a confirmation number or email and the property does not get notified.

We have had properties request that we notify them of these events, such as "Guest so and so tried to make a booking, but their credit card was declined". However, we have chosen not to do this, as it causes too much communication saturation.

If a property wishes to have this notification of bookings where guests cannot make their deposits, then they can use the XML interface we support (see: for details) and work around this on their own.

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