Using the Test System and Migrating to Production
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 12 Mar 2013 11:56 AM

Once we have received a signed NDA by a client or his/her developer, we provide an ID and password for Test System access. It is intended that the developer will use their "live Site" only once they move to Production. Therefore,  all development work for saving Bookings, Credit Cards, Items, Packages, etc are all done in the Test system. After BookingCenter has seen the results, we will assist in moving you to production.

The XML_API.doc provides an overview of the XML process and sample messages. Our online Web Services host is where the overview of each message, its' syntax, explanation, and WSDL definitions are stored. In our Test system, we provide an HTML interface that acts as a "client" for purposes of viewing the basic concepts and watching results post. There is no client application for the production environment as it's intended that the application will work from your code.

The spec is "self defining" for each message.  For further clarity on the concepts behind each OTA message, the OTA website ( is an additional resource. We also maintain a KnowledgeBase of HelpDesk articles on the XML topic at: Knowledgebase : XML Team

There are two levels of authentication necessary.

  1.  Site Level (individual Site/property); most messages can also be authenticated at this level with the exception of OTA_HotelSearch
    <RequestorID OTA_CodeType="10" ID="<provided after signed NDA>" MessagePassword="<provided after signed NDA>"/>
  2. Portal level (groups of Sites); OTA_HotelSearch messages must be authenticated at this level to enable a Portal query.
    <RequestorID OTA_CodeType="13" ID="<provided after signed NDA>" MessagePassword="<provided after signed NDA>"/>

    While our Support Department does not support our APIs for evaluation purposes, if there are questions after reading it, you should contact BookingCenter at:
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