Bookings: How to cancel a booking after its been checked in?
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 27 Dec 2012 11:21 AM

Only a confirmed or unconfirmed booking can be cancelled. Once the booking has been checked in or is complete , it can't technically be cancelled. The action buttons active on each booking depend on the status of the booking. If the "Cancel Booking" button is not available, then the status of the booking does not offer that option and therefore not be cancelled using the "Cancel Booking" function. See Booking Action Buttons

However, it is possible to "cancel" a booking that has been checked in to free room availability and assign it to another guest.

To "cancel" a booking that has been checked in, follow these steps:

  1. First, open the booking you want to "cancel" and go to the guest folio.
  2. Remember the folio must be balanced to check the guest out. Is there a balance? If the balance is $0, then go to the next step.
    • If there is a balance, you will need to make one of the following adjustments to balance the folio.
      • If the guest has a "credit". Then give a refund or charge a cancellation fee.
      • If there is a "charge", then take full or partial payment, reverse the charge or simply delete the charge from the folio.
  3. Once the folio is balanced, then check out the guest and the booking status will show as 'complete'.
  4. If needed, add a note in the 'Booking Message' with cancellation details.

See Balance Folio


  • Since there were no 'rooms stayed' for the day, it won't affect your occupancy for the day, as long as the check out is done prior to Night Audit
  • Immediately after the checkout, the room can then be re-rented to someone else.
  • The completed booking may still appear on the Tape Chart until the Room is assigned to a new guest. Although it shows as complete, the room is still available and ready to rent. 
  • You will likely wish to set that room to 'clean' if the Guest never used it, so that the Housekeeping staff doesn't include that room in their 'vacant dirty' list.


To cancel a confirmed or unconfirmed booking, see Cancel Confirmed Booking

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