Onlne Bookings | Minimum Booking Lead Time - restrict same day arrivals
Posted by Jason Timms on 19 Nov 2012 09:07 AM

Please note that minimum lead times work differently on the BookingCenter Booking Engine, on the GDS/IDS, and OTA channels (i.e., Please find a summary on each below.

1. For properties using the BookingCenter Booking Engine:

You can control the lead time for bookings in in the Setup Area under Marketing Policies. Minimum booking lead time can be set to any number days you require in 24 hour increments.

For example, restrict same day arrivals by enter a 24 hour booking lead time (or set a 3 day lead time by entering 72 hours).

Set the Booking Lead time in the the Setup area of MyPMS:

  • Go to SETUP | SETTINGS | MARKETING AND POLICIES. See Marketing and Policies
  • In the second section, called "Lead Times", you will see "Minimum Booking Lead Time (hours in advance)"
  • Enter your minimum booking lead time in HOURS (24 hr increments). For example, 24 hours = 1 day, 48 hours = 2 days , etc.
  • Click Save

 2. For properties on the GDS/IDS and Expedia:


Properties wanting to update their lead time on the GDS/IDS, this will need to be done by submitting a support ticket to BookingCenter at: We will work with our GDS partners to have this updated on the GDS and IDS channels.


The same process applies to properties wanting to update their lead time on Expedia. This is done by submitting a support ticket to BookingCenter at: We will work with Expedia to have this updated on


3. For properties on

If you have a direct contract with your Minimum Booking Lead Time policy must be set-up in the extranet itself. For example, if you have a contract with, you must set your Minimum Booking Lead Time in, as BookingCenter will not send these values.

We always recommend to TEST the OTAs setting after requesting it from your market manager, as that will prove it was set properly. 

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