Manually Dating Items / Charges to a Folio
Posted by Dave Martin on 03 Nov 2012 03:23 PM

Manually Dating Items / Charges to a Folio

We do offer a feature for this setting the date for a Charge to a future date. If you want to use post dating on items just let us know and we can turn on this feature in the software. It is a BookingCenter staff only setting.

For online bookings where an item is added to the booking during the completion of the online booking, the item will import with the booking, on the folio, using the System Date of the arrival date of the booking. You will have to remove the item and manually put it back into the folio if this is not the desired behavior. When manually putting it back into the folio, you can date the item as you wish

Remember, if you wish to have the ability for a user to manually set the date for a Charge, alert the BookingCenter staff and we will turn on this feature for your property.
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