Site and Portal Authentication Credential and EndPoints Issues
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 03 Oct 2012 10:24 AM

It has been our experience that "best practice" is to launch the basic web services interface against our Test Site. This way, the developer has a standard test system we can support to test basic Authentication Credentials to the web services prior to getting involved in production anomalies with a specific Site.

The Test Site to be used can be accessed via the Members Area at using Site ID: BCDEMO and password: (the password is delivered with the specification after signing the NDA)

Use Site: BCDEMO to inquire for unique Rates, Availability, or Packages. Once your code is working, turn it on to your desired Site - whether in the Test or the Production system.

The basic authentication for the Demo site is:<BasicPropertyInfo ChainCode="BC" HotelCode="BCDEMO" AgentCode="BC"/>

Note, the ChainCode= is the same as the BookingCenter Portal ID, and will be "BC" unless you are developing a Portal solution. For a single Site, use BC. The HotelCode= is the Site ID we gave the client. The AgentCode="BC".

Most sites will use Agent=BC, as this is the 'default' allocation of rates and availability for a BookingCenter property. However, you may wish to be flexible with this, and change which Agent you are querying for later. For a better understanding of Agent Allocations for hotels, go to Managing Rates and Availability to your Front Desk, Website, GDS and Global Booking Networks via MyPMS


Credentials can be either:

  1. Site based (i.e. they will only allow access to an individual site, and this is OTA_CodeType="10") or
  2. Portal-based (i.e. allowe access to the Portal query, and this is OTA_CodeType="13").

Example of a Site query: <RequestorID OTA_CodeType="10" ID="BCDEMO" MessagePassword="the password was delivered with the specification after signing the NDA"/>

Example of a Portal query: <RequestorID OTA_CodeType ="13" ID="BC" MessagePassword="the password was delivered with the specification after signing the NDA"/>

This allows access to any site within the portal and access to the Portal search.

The developer would use "BC" as the Portal ID and the appropriate password, if the Portal ID was 'BC'.

The Endpoints are all listed on the page at
Single Site availability
Portal availability
New bookings

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