COMTROL UHLL implementation of non certified devices - can Guest Services connect to my product?
Posted by Jesse Chieppa on 02 Oct 2012 10:28 AM

COMTROL UHLL implementation of non certified devices - can Guest Services connect to my product?

We're often asked by clients if we can implement an interface with a device vendor who's product isn't directly or currently on the COMTROL list of over 500 certified devices at

Vendors often have devices based on an existing device spec, that very well may function while mimicking a supported UHLL device. Yet they haven't gone through the COMTROL certification process for their specific device.

In these cases, BookingCenter and COMTROL corporation can only officially support devices that have been certified on their Lodging Link platforms with the UHLL messaging structure.

However we are always willing to try and interface a device emulating an existing certified product, we simply cannot guarantee the device will work as expected and cannot guarantee that BookingCenter nor COMTROL corporation will support or troubleshoot a non-certified device.

For non-certified devices, we simply need the vendor to show us communication settings from their product to a UHLL based interface in a working environment (this includes interface type, baud rates, parity, etc).

For devices that are based on a Micros 2700/3700/4700 spec and do not need full COMTROL UHLL support we have built an TCP/IP based interface outlined at but keep in mind that the Micros 2700/3700/4700 specs have been 'informally' adopted by many device manufacturers and PMS vendors, and there are widely differing implementations both in serial-based and TCP-IP-based installations.

For this reason, the UHLL certification approach is the only way to guarantee interactivity, as promised in the Guest Services Module we support at BookingCenter.

We will attempt to try a vendor's product and test against it for a BookingCenter customer, but unless certified by either UHLL or BookingCenter as a supported interface, we will cease troubleshooting if the guest service device does not perform as specified.

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