AR Accounts | Understanding the Accounts Receivables (AR) and Direct Bill System
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 28 Sep 2012 09:59 AM

The first step in making a 'Direct bill' relationship with a Company is creating a Company record in the Setup area. Go to SETUP | RELATIONSHIPS | COMPANIES.  This creates the Company relationship, extends credit to the Company, opens an AR Account and appears as a Direct Bill Payment type in the Folio. For step-by-step instructions see Companies

  1. Once the Company is created, it is available to enter in the "Company" field of the booking after Direct Bill can be selected in the "Guaranteed by" field. See  Guaranteed by
  2. After Direct Bill is chosen and the company entered, it will then be available as a payment method in the Folio in the Add Payment section. 
  3. When a payment is made to the Folio, choose the DB: <company name> as the payment type and apply payment. See Direct Bill Payment Type
  4. The payment will be posted to the Guest Folio AND recorded as a receivable for the company under AR Accounts. See AR Statements
  5. Note: The Credit Limit in Company setup determines the total amount of credit is being extended to the company. If no value is entered it defaults to 0 and Direct Bill receipts cannot be posted. When you enter a credit limit an AR Account is automatically opened for that Company, and Direct Bill receipts up to the available credit limit can be posted.

We recommend a review of these sections of the MyPMS Manual to learn more about how to use Direct Bill and AR Accounts. With a brief reading of these areas of the Manual, a general manager can get the proper Companies entered, extend the right amount of credit to each Company, and use the AR/DIrect Bill system to stay current with the liabilities you will incur by extending credit - Accounts Receivables (AR) business.

AR Accounts - How the Accounts Receivables/Direct bill system works in general.

Folio management, Direct Bill as a payment method and managing transactions

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