Can I use an Authorizenet or PlugNPlay gateway with MyPMS?
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 19 Sep 2012 09:58 AM

Can I use an Authorizenet or PlugNPlay gateway with MyPMS?

The Authorizenet or PlugNPlay gateways, which supports virtually all N. American, caribbean, European, and many S American processors, will work fine for online bookings, regardless of which BookingCenter product is being used.

But for the integration inside MyPMS - where we do authorizations (both card present and non-present), incremental auths, void auths, batches, credits, charges, and settlements - you need to be using the MyCard gateway ( The MyCard gateway is the only PCI compliant gateway we use for the fully integrated functions available in the MyPMS Property Management System.

If all you desire is to transact online booking deposits into MyPMS (or any of the other BookingCenter products), the Authorizenet or PlugNPlay gateways will work fine. But that is limited compared to what the MyCard gateway can accomplish.

See details on the MyCard gateway at:, and know that BookingCenter can help you get a merchant account setup quickly and promptly on a processor that MyCard supports (TSYS, Visanet, or Vital).

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