Extending Long term stays, pre-charging rent, and tax exempt status
Posted by Dave Martin on 18 Sep 2012 03:02 PM

Extending Long term stays, pre-charging rent and tax exempt booking status

For properties that have guests staying longer that 30 days, some properties check the booking out each month and then create a new booking and check them back in. If you create a receipt type called Transfer Payment, you can use this to move any final balance they have to the new booking. Using this method will optimize the performance of the MyPMS software.  Often time a guest will pay for the month up from and might still have a balance, using the transfer payment receipt type allows the staff to take the payment from one booking and then apply it to the next booking for the same guest.

Pre Charging the Rent at start of month:
If you do not have a set daily amount but a fixed monthly amount you can pre-charge the rent item manually for the set amount. When working this way you should set the rate a $0.00 for the remainder of the nights of the stay so Night Audit won't post an amount.

Tax exempt AFTER 30 days:
For many properties, if a booking is 30 days or more they can be set as tax exempt. If this is the case, click the flag tax exempt on the new booking window during booking creation (or, afterwards on the Booking Data tab). However, sometimes the guest extends the booking into the tax exempt status. When this occurs the posted taxes may need to be removed - some tax authorities support removing prior posted taxes for all days of stays > 30 days, other tax authorities only allow it to be removed for dates after the 30th day.  While we can't assist with your tax jurisdiction interpretation, we can advise one of two ways to remove the taxes:


  1. Physically click the 'trash' icon next to the taxes on the foio for each day(s) desired removal.  This removes the tax entries from the folio (in the background it posts a reversal to the tax item).

  2. In one folio entry, credit back the the taxes taken by posting a negative (-) quantity charge of an item TAX to the folio. This will post a negative for the taxes that were saved with the previous room rents.  


Tax exempt error, guest check out BEFORE 30 days:
For properties who set a booking as 'Tax Exempt' (thus tax did not post as part of Night Audit) and the Guest decides to checkout prior to the 30 days, you have two options:

  1. Apply a Charge of 'tax' manually to the Folio that will be equal to what is needed.  How to make an Inventory Item to use for this purpose?  See:
  2. Else, remove all RENT postings from the folio and then manually add them back manually and they will come with the Tax if you manage 'Tax Exempt' flags.
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