Letters: Add Letters in MyPMS
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MyPMS makes it easy to set upCustom Letters, including Confirmation Letters, Group Confirmation Letters, and Registration Cards.

To create a Custom Letter, go to Set Up | Parameters | Letters

  1. Click ADD to create a new Letter
  2. Choose “Letter Type” from the drop down menu. (Note: Create a letter for each Auto Letter you plan to set up. I.e. Group Confirmation letter and Guest Confirmation Letter).
    • There are 3 types to choose from:
      1. Group – Based on group booking data.
      2. Individual- Based on individual booking data (including those assigned to a group)
      3. Guest – based on guest data not booking related data such as a birthday.
  1. The Letter Editor will open to create a Letter. Save your changes and the Letter will appear in the Letters list. You can now use this letter in the Auto Letters function.
  2. To verify your changes: Select any booking, go to the Letters Tab and choose the revised letter. If necessary, make additional edits by repeating the steps above.

Please note: Letter types cannot be changed after they are created. Therefore, if you want to use an existing letter and it is not set to the Letter Type of your choice, then you must create a new letter.


  • The best way to copy a letter is to open the Letter and then click on the HTML button to show the source code. Click Select All and Copy. Create your new letter and click on the HTML button click on the screen and click Paste.
  • BookingCenter provides a few sample letters as part of the set up service. These can be edited and customized to suit you property.

See the BookingCenter MyPMS User Manual under Set Up | Parameters | Letters for complete details. It can be downloaded from

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