Reports: The Booking Production Report and Cancellations
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 13 Jun 2012 10:48 PM

This Booking Production Report is meant to pull a list of bookings that were initially booked between a date range. This is a perfect report for showing how productive your staff is  at booking rooms, regardless of when they are to check in, or even whether they later cancel.

This report will pull back bookings that have been cancelled. But it doesn't pull up by the date it was cancelled, rather by the date the cancelled booking(s) was originally booked.

This report is often used to track the 'Pace of Bookings' (sometimes called a 'pace report') to see how productive a property is at making bookings compared to other times. Use the Booking Production Report for a time period, and then use a similar time period from a past year to compare. If you keep both windows open at once, it's easy to get a comparative view. Save the reports to Excel or .csv if you wish to bring the report data into Excel and graph the comparisons.

This report is taking its summation of 'COST' from the rates originally saved with the bookings - not any charges (such as RENT) posted to the folio(s).

Also, becaue there is a Folio balance column, it is easy to find bookings where staff did not take an Advanced Deposit when they made the booking.  Anything except a negative amount (ie, taken an 'advance payment' would mean a failure to take the advanced depsoit.

If you wish to analyze the Bookings made during the same time frame, choose the Bookings Report to segment the data by such factors as company, market, rate plan, source, or travel agent.  More detail on the Bookings Report at:

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