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How do I update my Desktop PMS?
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 09 Jan 2008 03:16 PM

How do I update my Desktop PMS?

Each customer who wishes to acces an 'updater' has to have a current Support Contract.

Update your version of BookingCenter Desktop to the latest by logging in to the BookingCenter Downloads Area ( Login with your ID and password to download the Updater for your computer platform (ie, make sure you download the Macintosh for Mac or the Windows version for your Windows machine.)

Once you have saved the BookingCenter updater on your computer, quit BookingCenter. It is advisable to ALWAYS make a backup of your datafile!!! Once you have a copy of your datafile stored somewhere, double click the new updater file you downloaded.

The update program will prompt you to locate BookingCenter on your computer to update it. It ought to be easy and take less than 2 minutes for each . If you are running multiple copies of BookingCenter on your network, you can either use the updater program to update them all from one computer or else copy the updater file to each computer and run it there.

If you run into trouble, email with your specific question.

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