Giving BookingCenter access to the Guest Services PC for UHLL and COMTROL
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 20 Apr 2012 08:35 PM

Granting BookingCenter access to the Guest Services PC for UHLL and COMTROL

To install Guest Services devices to LodgingLink and our 'persistent' gateway, BookingCenter's team requires remote management to the 'Guest Services PC'.  This PC will include both a Gateway and LodgingLink software. They run as a service onto a Windows® NT®, 2000, XP®, Server® 2003, or Windows® 7 based PC.

If the property has a net block with static ip addresses BookingCenter's preference would be to have you install either RDP or VNC server on the interface machine. If that's possible we'd simply need the host name or ip to connect and the RDP or VNC credentials.

If neither RDP or VNC are possible, please setup a free log me in account at and get the interface computer configured, then send the BookingCenter team the logmein credentials and machine verification password and we'll take it from there.

The Guest Services PC requires direct connection from the devices that it will communicate with. This is often via a serial connection, but newer devices (PBX, voicemail and some POS) can do so over TCP/IP. Also it's important that anyone accessing the guest services PC does not touch the software, as we've seen instances where staff have inadvertently closed programs and all interfaces stop working. We highly recommend that the guest services PC be solely dedicated to this task.

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