Hourly Bookings Coming from the Desktop PMS
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 18 Apr 2012 09:40 PM

Hourly Bookings Coming from the Desktop PMS

The MyPMS system does not have an 'hourly bookings' concept - yet. This, if you were using Hourly Bookings in the Desktop, these will import to MyPMS as standard bookings. All receipts and details are preserved as standard 'bookings'.

If there are multiple hourly bookings on a single day, this will present overlap on those days. The last created hourly booking in the desktop is the one that shows on the tape chart post migration. On these dates where there are multiple hourly bookings, each booking deducts availability pushing into negatives for the affected room.

Properties that require hourly bookings may not be the best fit for MyPMS as they won't be able to create new bookings assigned for the same day in the same "room". Once booking 1 is made for room EVENT for a day, you cannot put booking 2 into room EVENT on the same day until booking 1 checks out.

What some customers do is continue to use the Desktop for their hourly booking needs while using MyPMS for their daily management and folio management. At some point in the future, hourly management will be supported in MyPMS.
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